Rocky Patel Decade Robusto Cigar Review

Rocky Patel Decade Robusto Cigar

Score: 8.6

By Hayward Tenney

Impressive-looking box-pressed stick. Interestingly the wrapper is a little short, revealing about a milimmeter of filler/binder at the foot. PERFECT draw. Blasted lots of black pepper up front, along with flavors of flint/charcoal when passed through the sinuses, although at this point it’s not very complex. After an inch of the Rocky Patel cigar the flavor opens up to reveal bitter chocolate and dark-roast coffee flavors with an earthy base, the faintest touch of sweetness, and a medium finish. The aroma is predominantly leathery and spicy.  Halfway through, the burn has really straightened out and the flavor has mellowed, taking on dry texture that causes me to salivate – not unlike the tannins in a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

After a purge, the flavors renew, revealing strengthened leather and sweetness. The flint and charcoal flavors have also returned, and I sense the cigar is reaching its coda. Smoked to the nub, I’m entirely satisfied with this cigar.

Appearance: 9
Construction: 9
Burn: 8
Draw: 10
Flavor: 8
Aroma: 8
Final Score: 8.6

Please note: This brand is currently avaiable only at retail cigar stores. Call 1-800-672-5544 for information on how to order.