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Storing ACID Cigars

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Q. I like to smoke a variety of cigars. I’ve been told I shouldn’t keep ACID brand cigars in the same humidor as others. Is that true?
– D. Colburn
A. Absolutely. ACID cigars are made with herbal and botanical oils that will affect the scent of your “traditional” cigars. Just take a whiff and you’ll know what I mean. ;-)

Most of the ACID cigar smokers I speak to have a separate humidor for them. If you don’t have one, use an empty cigar box or a Tupperware-type container, put a humidifier in it, and you’re good to go.

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Alfredo Ortiz
5 years ago

I have a 100 count humidor here. I about about 50 regular cigars in this humidor and threw in my 7 acid cigars in here for a good two weeks. I felt this was wrong so I did some research and realized the idioctic mistake I did.

Is it too late for my case??? Are my regular cigars reuined? What should I do? I have a cheap 25 count humidor in my cart for purchase now so I can store these acids seperate, but I’m worried if there is a maintenance/cure I need to do on my very well seasoned and we’ll treated and cared for humidor for my reg cigars.. I’m worried that I messed up my reg humidor with this acid cigars storage although it was only for two weeks. I keep my reg humidor at 67-69F with 69%-70% humidity. I mention the temps and humidity because I’m not sure if the oils and aroma from the acids are permanently embedded in the ceasor of the humidor thus ruining it for my reg cagars long term storage. I’m bugging out right now. Please help

Gary Korb

Gary Korb

Executive Editor

Gary Korb has been writing and editing content for since its debut in 2008. An avid cigar smoker for over 30 years, he has worked on the marketing side of the premium cigar business as a Sr. Copywriter, blogger, and Executive Editor of Cigar Advisor. A graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, prior to his career in the cigar business, Gary worked in the music and video industry as a marketer and a publicist.

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