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The Rebirth of Cigars began with two frat brothers in a warehouse office in one of New York City's premier arts districts. Twenty years later, ACID Cigars are a fan favorite - and have changed the way people think about premium cigars.

Famous Smoke Shop celebrates ACID's 20th Anniversary with a Guide to ACID Cigars

Updated August 2019: Now including ACID's newest cigars... ACID 20, Frenchies, Plush and Croqueta!

Drew Estate combines traditional Cuban cigar rolling with modern blending to create ACID, intensely aromatic pleasure with a 100% premium tobacco core. There are now 7 types - or formulas - of ACID, and the flavor experience varies far and wide from infusion to infusion... you're not going to find another cigar like these. If you're the type of person who likes a smoking experience that is beyond ordinary - ACID is ready to deliver the adventure you're looking for.

What is the best ACID cigar?

That depends on your tastes - because it's like asking, what's the best beer? It depends: do you like a porter with thick and sweet flavors, or a hop-monster IPA that bombs your taste buds with earth and bitter spices? If you want the best ACID, taste them and see, says Jonathan Drew: "We can't divulge too much about what our ACID cigars taste like. The fun part about smoking cigars is deciding what flavors and notes YOU taste while you're smoking."

How to use our guide

We've divided the entire ACID cigar lineup at Famous Smoke Shop into 35 options, as seen on the wheel below. The shapes and sizes vary in appearance - cigarillo to 60-ring, rustic to luxurious. Start in the center to see our basic notes that distinguish each type of infusion, classified by the color-coded cigar bands; each color group is then divided up by the individual cigars' names, along with size, intensity/body, and what kind of wrapper is used on the cigar.

The flavor experience in each cigar is unique, and that's why people love them - use this Guide to ACID Cigars to find the infusion you like best, and buy ACID cigars online at discount prices here at Famous Smoke Shop!

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Trying to decide which ACID cigar is right for you? Look at the cigar band for help: each ACID color represents an expression that's meant to expand your mind, your palate and your senses. The color of the band tells you the strength and type of infusion:


A captivating union of fine cigar tobaccos and aromatic blending. These are the sweetest ACID cigars; ACID Blue band are also the most popular, with the highly renowned Kuba Kuba and Blondie favored by beginners and experienced cigar smokers alike. Mellow to medium in strength, and available in the widest variety of wrapper options.


Hearty Nicaraguan tobaccos treated to complex, aromatic hybrids. The ACID Purple band blends, like Roam and Croqueta, are thick with powerhouse botanicals; the result is a fuller-bodied and super-complex smoke that focuses on both flavor and fragrance, with a layer of delicate spice.


The ACID Silver selections - ACID 20 and One - proudly show their Nicaraguan roots. Drew Estate's Anniversary cigar, ACID 20 is more delicately infused - opting for a tobacco flavor-forward taste. ACID One forgoes aromatics, curing the tobaccos with five red wine varietals, including a ceremonial Nicaraguan Sangria. Each is a well-balanced smoke with a light aroma that's friendly to more traditional premium cigar smokers.


Served without a sweetened cap, ACID Red cigars are a potent mash-up of fuller-bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos and bold black tobaccos. It's a rich combo that begs to be infused with the heaviest aromatics, resulting in the Red band selections - like Liquid and Nasty - that smoke with an intense fragrance.


The ACID Subculture series, made up of small batch and limited edition blends, shapes and sizes...as ACID Orange uses well-aged tobaccos and experimental infusions, no two Subculture series offerings are alike. Rich and semi-sweet in aroma, the extra aging allows the botanicals to bloom into a well-balanced smoke.


The Gold band ACID cigars - such as Cold Infusion and Earthiness - are treated to a lighter, more refreshing infusion, allowing the wrappers and core tobaccos to reveal more of their complex character; this interplay of natural aromas with the Gold infusion produces a smooth, nuanced smoke.


A careful combination of mellow to medium-bodied tobaccos with a Candela wrapper, treated to ACID's Blue infusion. The quick-cured wrapper's naturally sweet and grassy taste smooths out the bold and aromatic infusion, making for a wonderfully mellow smoking experience.

Even though they're grouped into these distinct lines, every ACID is a smoking experience as unique as its size, shape and infusion. The only way to "get" ACID cigars is to smoke each one!

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ACID cigars are rolled, banded and boxed in a separate area of Drew Estate's Nicaragua factory. It's done this way because the powerful herbs, essential oils and spices used to infuse ACID tobaccos cigars can easily transfer their flavors to other tobaccos that weren't meant to have that kind of flavor.

Likewise at home, the botanicals from your infused cigars will quickly marry with the other cigars in your humidor... so it's a good idea to store ACID cigars in a humidor of their own, separate from your traditional premiums. If you really want to play it safe, only store the same ACID infusions together (storing Blues with Blues, and Reds with Reds) to control the marrying effect.

If you do decide to designate a cigar humidor at home "For ACID Only" - remember that in addition to moisture, the wood inside can absorb the flavors of the infusion, too. If you switch back to holding traditional cigars in that infused humidor, don't be surprised if they take on the botanical taste left behind by your ACIDs.

So keep your ACIDs fresh - in their own humidor.

Where are ACID cigars made?

Acid cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate; all feature choice Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos in a selection of wrappers that spans Connecticut, Sumatra, Cameroon, Candela and Broadleaf.

What are ACID cigars infused with?

Each Acid cigar is infused with a recipe of premium quality ingredients selected from nearly 150 herbs, spices, botanicals and essences; but the process of how it's done is a closely-guarded secret. And that secret is what makes ACID cigars different - many have tried, but no one has hacked the "blend" behind ACID's unique infusion process.

ACID infused cigars are not flavored cigars - they're handmade with prime long filler tobaccos and high-grade wrappers that have been infused with all-natural herbs, oils and essences through Drew Estate's proprietary process. Flavored cigars often include tobaccos that have been sprayed or dipped in natural or artificial flavors like fruit, berries, bourbon, rum, cognac, vanilla or honey.

Can I age my ACID cigars?

You can, but you may find that extra aging doesn't matter: the tobaccos inside infused cigars are already aged, so they're ready to smoke when you buy them. What you might notice, however, is that the intensity of the infusion may begin to fade if you wait any longer than six months to enjoy them.

How did ACID cigars get their name?

The ACID name came from Scott "ACID" Chester, a neighborhood artist who shared a work space with Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel in Brooklyn's DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood. Proficient with mixed industrial, urban, graffiti and motorcycle art, Scott was the source for the subculture aesthetic that informed Drew Estate's "rebirth of cigars" vibe.

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Shop All Acid Cigars
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