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Top Cigar Blogs of 2013

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We love blogs! More information about cigars is always better, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you some of our favorite cigar blogs out there today. The Top Cigar Blogs of 2013 include a couple of pure cigar review blogs, but most of the sites are hybrids which combine reviews with cigar news and press releases, commentary on the cigar industry, spirits, podcasts, and more. One thing that all Top Cigar Blogs have is excellent editorial created by writers who are cigar fanatics.

In no particular order, here are the Top Cigar Blogs you should check out and bookmark:


top 10 cigar blogs
Halfwheel gives readers news, reviews, and info on the cigar industry

Charlie Minato and Brooks Whittington co-founded HalfWheel, which publishes a mix of all-things cigar, including the latest press releases, industry news, and legislative updates, plus reviews of cigars across a wide range (including many limited and hard-to-find cigar releases, as well as prerelease cigars). Their reviews are sorted by country of origin, brand, and type. There is also a forum, an informative email newsletter, and annual coverage of the IPCPR trade show.

Stogies on the Rocks began as a quest to experiment with and document different pairings of cigars and spirits, with the goal of identifying how each influences the flavor profile of the other. Not all of the reviews include pairings, but there is a larger amount of spirits and wine content, including pairings, than on most other cigar blogs. While a site featuring these categories could easily alienate, the tone is actually quite accessible.

top 10 cigar blogs
The Cigar Dojo has become one of the most popular cigar blogs online today.

Cigar Dojo offers easy to read, straight to the point cigar reviews, but that’s just the beginning. Their Leaderboard shows the Top 150 rated cigars on their site, while individual reviews are broken out by price. They also talk drinks like including spirits, coffee, and have an image gallery and a page dedicated to cigar tips. But what truly puts it in the category of Top Cigar Blogs is the app, which is available for iPhone and Android. was founded in 2007 as the personal cigar journal of a budding cigar lover who sought to learn as much as he could about cigars. Over time, the site’s readers have begun contributing their own experiences with cigars. CigarInspector now exists more or less as a group project with authors from all over the world, which gives them the ability to review a very wide range of both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars, and earns them a place in the Top Cigar Blogs of 2013.

“Tiny Tim” is an ironic name, in the sense that Tim is a bodybuilder. His site has a true “cigar guy” blog feel, and the content includes cigar reviews that are, as he puts it, “TO THE POINT! No fluff; just the facts.” This alone would qualify it for the Top Cigar Blogs list, but Tim also chronicles his worldly cigar adventures, which include a recent tour of the Perdomo factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

top 10 cigar blogs provides readers with a fresh take on cigars from one of the most knowledgeable smokers around.

Craig Vanderslice is the man behind CigarCraig, which offers a mix of cigar reviews and editorial. As Craig notes, he’ll also write about “cigar bars, cigar accessories, and anything else that he damn well pleases.” What really makes CigarCraig one of the Top Cigar Blogs is the conversational tone he uses to wind through several cigar reviews in any given post. The posts are organize by category, but can also be searched for.

A Cigar Smoker was founded by Barry Stein, who went on to work full-time for Miami Cigar Company in a marketing role. He sold the site, but it continues to deliver a high quality of cigar content on a regular basis. This consists mostly of cigar reviews with some news and cigar contests thrown in the mix as well.

Bryan Glynn is a self-described regular guy who loves smoking cigars. His reviews, which number over 700 as of this posting, chronicle a palate that has developed from beginner to experienced cigar smoker. The editorial mix also includes cigar news, humidor and accessories reviews, and other informational content. His YouTube channel is particularly popular and informative. Glynn’s photography and fine art background are evident throughout the site, which has a sleek, pleasant-to-use design. He makes some of his photography available for sale. All of this plants him firmly in the Top Cigar Blogs of 2013.

StogieRate was conceived and is maintained by people who are passionate about cigars. The site features a large database of curated cigar content that includes reviews, pictures, ratings, profiles, and social sharing. But what really makes it one of the Top Cigar Blogs is its Cigar Inventory program, which helps users organize their collection of cigars, track their age, and rate them. It will also create a historical cigar log so that you can always go back and find a cigar again. Cigar Education content is provided by, a site by David “Doc” Diaz.

Fine Tobacco NYC was originally created by Matthias Clock as place where he could share his thoughts about cigars he was smoking, you will find that this has now evolved into much more than just the simple cigar blog he created in 2010.  Fine Tobacco NYC holds great events throughout New York City, which helps bring cigar smokers together to connect over more than just words on your computer screen.  Matthias and his knowledgeable team have created great articles about the cigar industry, which include both the retail side and manufacturing and production of quality cigars .  In addition, you can always count on them to create very readable unbiased cigar reviews.

StogieReview was founded by Jerry Cruz and Walt White, but has grown to include several contributors. The site offers an intuitive layout that includes a plethora of cigar news, cigar reviews (written, audio, and video), and cigar event coverage.

That completes our list of the best blogs out there for cigar reviews, news, tips, and other info. If you’re still hungry for more info after you’re done reading ours, go check them out and increase your cigar knowledge!

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Dave West
8 years ago

Howdy folks! When yall do a 2015 review, please consider

Have a great week! -Dave

Sue Carman-Vian
7 years ago

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Lucas Rotelli Raulino
6 years ago
Kirtlan Lewis
6 years ago

Great list! Thanks for posting. I know I’m late to the party, but there are some great cigar related blogs out there that were created since this list was published. For example, Dave’s blog over at is certainly worth looking at, as he mentioned. The main site over at is still under construcion, but the blog is live. It’s fairly new but looking good already also. In case you care to have a look:

Keep up the great work, guys!

Don Cigar Leisure Rich
5 years ago

If you haven’t discovered you soon will!

Stephanie Benaro
5 years ago


Daniel Stauffer
4 years ago

This blog is really like a cigar gateway. You get every cigar thing over here to access.

anmol jain
3 years ago

Awesome article, I am regular visitor of this website, keep up the good work, and I will be a regular visitor for a very long time.

Alan Waler
3 years ago

Really loved the article added to my favorites

3 years ago

Great list, thank you.

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