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Top 9 Best-Rated ACID Cigars

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Famous Smoke Shop Customers Rank Their Top ACID Cigars

Updated October 2023

A brief history of ACID Cigars

Infused and flavored cigars certainly are misfits of the industry. But one brand cuts through the static, outshining some of the biggest cigar giants in popularity. We’re talking, of course, about ACID Cigars. Their rise in popularity since their release in 1999 has been nothing short of meteoric and the sales numbers back it up. ACID is by far the most successful infused cigar brand in history, and it all comes down to one man: Jonathan Drew.

cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - screen shot of acid flavor wheel
Click to see our full Acid Flavor Wheel to see what you can expect from these infused premiums!

Drew was a lawyer turned cigarmaker who broke onto the scene at the right time. And you can tell just by looking at him that he wasn’t destined for the courtroom. Back in ’99, the cigar boom had just crested. In its wake, a new generation of smokers who demanded a renaissance. Jonathan answered the call with ACID – a cigar line infused with herbs, essential oils, and botanicals that smokes zesty, sweet, and smooth. The brand was marketed with edgy advertising that appealed to this new generation, and ACID’s sweet-tipped blends started making headlines immediately.

Yet, there’s no sign of slowing down.

Infused cigars may be the outcasts of the cigarverse, but ACID redefined the category. In fact, it’s its own category, and whether you love or hate them, you can’t deny their demand.

"We are not 'flavored' cigar blenders. Premium cigars come in two distict classes: 'Premium Traditional,' and 'Premium Infused.' Both are premium." - Jonathan Drew


How we choose our best ACID cigar picks

We don’t choose anything. You make the decisions. We comb through Famous Smoke Shop reviews* and see which ACID cigars rise above the rest. Then, we share the results with you here, ranking them highest-rated first. There are, however, a few minimums cigars must meet to be considered.

Thanks to a new system at Famous Smoke Shop, our ratings can be fine-tuned down to a 10th of a point instead of only half-point increments. That means cigar reviews are no longer rounded up to the nearest half. Put simply: a clearer, more accurate picture of which cigars reign supreme according to customers.

Our new qualifications are:

  • Must average a minimum of 4.0 out of 5 stars.
  • Must receive at least 10 reviews.

    *These reviews are accurate as of date of publication update and subject to change over time.

Share your experience with ACID Cigars at Famous Smoke Shop (it’s FREE!) or leave us your review in the comments below!



ACID Kuba Kuba – 4.3 Stars across 294 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - kuba kuba at famous smoke shop

Joe says: “I love the combination of sweetness and smooth tobacco flavor.”

At nearly 300 reviews, Kuba Kuba towers over any competition as the most purchased infused cigar in the Famous humidor. It’s such a popular blend that even Kuba Green and Kuba Maduro sit among the true top 10 Acids (we’ll bundle them together to make room for others). With its sweet and spicy, smooth-smoking flavors and aromatic appeal, Kuba Kuba is even loved by non-smokers for its pleasant room note. And to maintain more than a 4-star average with so many reviews—it’s a testament to Kuba’s crowned status.


ACID Blondie – 4.5 Stars across 131 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid blondie at famous smoke shop

Greg says: My new favorite cigar. Long lasting with the same smooth taste to the end.”

When I originally wrote this article, I was surprised to see Blondie wasn’t second fiddle…and now I get to say, “I called it!” Even the Blondie Belicoso vitola nips at its heels with an impressive 4.4 stars across 51 reviews. As far as flavor, the blend’s Cameroon wrapper makes me think that it’s what a Fuente might taste like if they ever dipped their toes into the infused cigar market. Each puff is sweet on the draw with woody notes of cedar and cream, and an aromatic array of exotic spaces. It just works. There’s no more need to explain it.


ACID 20 – 4.7 Stars across 18 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid 20 at famous smoke shop

Joel S. says: Got one in a sample pack and loved it. Had to purchase a box!”

In a lineup of truly unique cigars, ACID 20 parties the hardest. That’s because it’s celebrating 20 years of Acid’s cigar culture renaissance. Thanks to a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper, 20’s aromatic smoke imbues flavors that range from coffee and cocoa, to fruity, spicy, sweet, and savory. Your palate will be 100% engaged with every puff—the ultimate culmination of two decades of infusion dominance!


ACID Extra Ordinary Larry – 4.6 Stars across 32 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid extra ordinary larry at famous smoke shop

Howard says: Larry is my new best friend…smooth drawn, even burn, great aromatics…”

Have you met Larry? Howard says he’s his new best friend. And as a full-bodied fan, I made sure to get introduced as well. What I found is that Extra Ordinary Larry is all about the marriage of full-bodied tobacco and herbal infusion. Anyone who tells ya that ‘an infused or “flavored” cigar can’t be bold’ obviously hasn’t smoked good ol’ Larry, so here’s a preview. With a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper like Toast’s and brawnier leaves in its core, the blend gives off earthy notes of natural tobacco, wood, and ACID’s aromatically sweet flavors on the finish. A must-try dessert cigar.


ACID Krush Blue Connecticut Cigarillos – 4.5 Stars across 62 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid krush blue at famous smoke shop

David N. says: Great flavor and smoke. Awesome cigar for the price.”

ACID Krush Blue Connecticut gives you a window seat into the world of infused cigars without a high-ticket price, or a long smoking time. These fast, 15-minute treats are perfect for the flavor fan who’s always on the go – and the tin of 10 slides easily into your pocket for a wave of sweet wood, vanilla, and cane sugar any time you want it. Mellow, affordable, and convenient…what more can you ask for? If you’re looking for a darker smoking experience, Krush Morado Maduro isn’t far behind and offers a slightly bolder approach to Blue’s bite-sized smoke break.


ACID Cold Infusion – 4.4 Stars across 65 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid cold infusion at famous smoke shop

Robin says: Ladies if you’re new to cigar smoking, this is a great, easy draw, nice-tasting cigar.”

One of ACID’s most popular cigar offerings, Cold Infusion (or as some used to call it, Cold Infusion Tea) smokes with notes of sweet tea, lush tobacco, light spices, and has a hint of patchouli on the finish. The blend has a bit more body than ACID Blondie, so it’s a good compromise if you prefer something more in the mellow-to-medium. That being said, I’d recommend Cold Infusion to anyone who wants to try their first infused cigar – especially if they’re new to smoking and are worried that cigars may be too harsh for their palate.


ACID Toast – 4.4 Stars across 42 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid toast at famous smoke shop

Stefan says: Bottom line: these are fantastic cigars and a steal at the price Famous sells them.”

I wouldn’t put butter on it, but then again…this ain’t no crispy slice of bread. ACID Toast sits right in the middle at medium-bodied and gives off flavors that are part floral, part herbal, and 100% sweet. But its best attribute is that its infusion doesn’t subtract from the tobacco’s natural flavors. It simply complements. If you’re the type who’s written infused cigars off for good, may I be so bold to recommend trying this first? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what your taste buds discover.


Acid 1400cc – 4.3 Stars Across 42 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid 1400cc at famous smoke shop

Ed says: “I would recommend this to anyone. Can’t wait to buy more!”

Like all its blue-labeled brethren, Acid 1400cc speaks softly and carries a big stick; lots of flavor—none of the bite. The cigar is sweetly complex with notes of herbs, fruit, and a maple-like hint on the finish. Almost reminds me of pancakes and syrup at times. Bonus: Cigars in the box come individually sealed in a glass tubos—and that makes them a great gift for any Acid fan. Plus, they’ll stay fresh inside regardless of your humidification situation.


ACID Atom – 4.4 Stars across 17 Reviews
cigar advisor top rated acid cigars - acid atom at famous smoke shop

Evan A. says: The flavors are incredible while not covering up the high-quality tobacco.”

“Never trust an atom…they make up everything.” Ba-dum, tiss. Except in this case, you’re safe to trust Acid Atom to deliver a sweet-and-spicy payload of flavor to your senses. Thanks to its proprietary Maduro wrapper, the blend marries lightly zested spices and sweet notes of dark berries, and a candied sweetness that tastes like something between a Jolly Rancher and salt water taffy. And since Atom is medium-bodied, it has enough oomph to stand out against lunch. Give it a shot and send me your verdict.




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D Gordon Franks
2 years ago

I concur with this article except to say my Kuba Kuba is #1

Jared Gulick
2 years ago

We gave it the number one slot, too. Even though we have stricter standards for our guides, we know it’s truly the most popular. Thanks for reading!

Last edited 2 years ago by Jared Gulick
Jared Gulick

Jared Gulick

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