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Since 1939 Famous Smoke Shop has prided itself on providing premium cigars at discount prices. With so many choices for buying cigars online, it can be tough to decide which retailers or dealers to buy from.

With the best cigar brands and accessories available on the market, Famous Smoke Shop is the perfect shopping haven for any cigar aficionado. From cigar brands to humidors, our store can provide fine cigars and accessories for your smoking pleasure.

Why Buy Cigars Online?

There are plenty of reasons to purchase cigars and cigar accessories online, from convenience and price to selection and customer service!

Convenience - No more driving to various shops to find your favorite cigars - you can find them all in one place at Famous Smoke Shop. Order your cigars online and save yourself time, gas, and the hassle of lines at a store. From anywhere in the USA, you can buy online cigars from the comfort of your own home.

Prices - With our daily deals and sales, it's easy to find your favorite brands at the cheapest prices we can manage – undercutting most stores. Whether you prefer premium cigars or cheap ones, you'll find at them all at Famous Smoke Shop. We're not giving them away for free, but with some of our deals, we may as well be! But hold on! We ARE giving away free cigars on our Free Stuff page – check it out!

Selection - We provide the widest selection of authentic cigars online available - our brands are the real deal, not cheap imitations! Some of the popular brands we carry are:

And that's just to name a few! Browse our site or order our cigar catalog magazine for more information on our products or to see what's on sale. You can also visit our Humidor page for our wide selection of humidors.

Easy Ordering - When you find the right site (like ours!) ordering your cigars is virtually effortless. Simply select the products you want and follow the easy purchase instructions. We calculate your costs, including tax where applicable, making it as simple for the buyer as possible.

Customer Service - It's important to choose an online cigar shop with excellent customer service. That way if you have any questions or issues, you can be assured you'll be taken care of. We don't just sell cigars; we sell our service as well! It's important to us that you have a great experience with our company!

Online Cigars: Daily Deals, Auctions, Advice and More...

When it comes to buying and selling cigars online, it's the little things that count. Not only do we sell cigars, but we have several online properties where you can bid on auctions, set up trades, discover how to find the perfect cigar for you and much more.

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