Pai Gow Test Flight Cigar Sampler

$20.99Retail Price: $ 52.60
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10 cigars grace this sampler that features 5 pairs of Pai Gow cigars in every size. A rich blend of all Honduran-grown tobaccos and sweet caps at the head make these mild cigars the perfect alternative to cigars like Baccarat at a price that's irresistible. Book your Pai Gow flight now and compare!
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"The Right Decision... "
This was a first time customer test purchase... OUTSTANDING package, WELL constr... more
Coach in Va
"Modestly priced, but great quality "
A very good cigar that will not empty your wallet, but which delivers very good ... more
Mike in Austin, TX
"Worth the modest price "
I had seen some pretty high marks on the web about this cigar so when I saw this... more
unfaithfulsfan in Sloan, NY (Buffalo)
"My Favorite, So Far "
I'm no cigar expert, but I know what I like. These Pai Gow's give a consistent t... more
Darryl in Seattle, WA
"Great, kind of sweet mild cigar "
This was my first cigars i bought, the wrapper is a little fragile but they neve... more
Andrew in johnston, IA
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