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Camacho American Barrel Aged
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Camacho BG Meyer Gigantes
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Camacho BG Meyer Standard Issue
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Camacho Connecticut
86 Rating
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Camacho Corojo
86 Rating
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Camacho Criollo
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Camacho Ecuador
96 Rating
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Camacho LE13 Blackout
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Camacho Liberty
98 Rating
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Camacho Mike Ditka Edition
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Camacho Mini Cigarillos
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Camacho Powerband
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Camacho Shellback
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Camacho Triple Maduro
86 Rating
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$9.50 - $197.99
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80 Rating
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Don Felo
88 Rating
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La Fontana Vintage
82 Rating
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National Brand
78 Rating
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Camacho Cigars, now under the watch of Davidoff, has been a kingpin in the cigar industry for decades, with fans lining up in greater numbers than Cleveland Indian fans during 10 cent beer night. For Camacho smokers, they are met by an array of flavor and perfectly balanced strength. For Indian's fans, they were met with vandalizing the stadium, arrests, and a damn funny Wikipedia page. However, just like 10 cent beer night, Camacho Cigars come cheaper than some of the other high end premiums on the market, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a stellar smoke without breaking the bank.

About Camacho

The brand started under the watch of Simon Camacho who was exiled from Cuba in 1961. Why he was exiled is beyond us, but Cuba made a pretty big mistake because they would have had one of the most recognized brands in the world. After getting the boot, Simon opened his cigar business in Miami, Florida in that same year with the majority of the tobacco used for the cigars coming from Nicaragua. His cigars gained popularity around the globe rather quickly and eventually found a home in the late Winston Churchill's humidor. You know what they say "If big Winnie smokes `m, they must be good." We're not sure who "they" are, but they're right, as Churchill was one of the most prolific cigar connoisseurs of the time.

After a few decades of raving success, Simon unfortunately passed away and the company was acquired by the Eiroa family in 1995. Camacho began a massive transition in the way they operated, switching from Nicaraguan tobaccos to Honduran tobaccos grown on the Eiroa's tobacco farm.

The Eiroa family was one of the elite tobacco growing families in the world having gotten their start in Cuba in the early 1900s under the watch of their patriarch Generoso. The Cuban Revolution forced the Eiroa family to relocate to different locations. His son Generoso Jr. went to work in Nicaragua while his other son Julio joined Angel Oliva in Honduras. During his time in Honduras, Julio took part in government-sponsored cultivation programs that laid the framework for the Eiroa tobacco plantations, a key part of making Camacho Cigars and maintaining consistency.

A year after working with the Olivas, Julio decided to go independent. In the subsequent years, he bought tobacco farm after tobacco farm which kicked Honduras's tobacco production into overdrive, with the Eiroa family being the number one producer of Candela tobacco in the world. After the Eiroa family acquired Camacho, Julio's son Christian took over a year later and he made it a point to use mostly his family grown tobaccos, which include many Havana seed tobaccos. Stogies such as the Camacho Connecticut and Camacho Triple Maduro soon hit the market and were an instant success.

By the turn of the millennium, they launched their incredibly popular Camacho Corojo line and in 2008, the company was sold to the Davidoff Group. Under their watch, they underwent a massive rebranding effort, creating new bands and boxes for their cigars, and introducing new lines to their already stellar lineup. Most recently, the Camacho Ecuador came on the scene and is hitting the most discerning smoker's palate with unforgettable flavor.

The brand is showing no signs of slowing down under Davidoff, and with a parent company of such high caliber, it's no wonder the quality of each and every cigar is top notch. There is no denying Camacho cigars are the stogies of the future. Everything they have released has been highly rated, and a mainstay in stogie head's humidors.

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