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Of all the manufacturers out there, Drew Estate Cigars just may have the most loyal and devoted hardcore followers in the world. Perhaps it's the eclectic mix of lines they offer such as ACID cigars, Liga Privada cigars, Liga Undercrown, Tabak cigars or the Drew Estate Natural. Or maybe it's their colorful founder, Jonathan Drew, who has become the face of Drew Estate, engaging with fans on a personal level as he appears at events across the country. Even when it's an outdoor event and the thermometer reads 100 degrees, you'll see Jon greeting fans in his patented wool cap, down vest, and multi colored goggles. The man may be a character, but that character knows how to connect with the public and sell cigars.

It all started with humble beginnings back in 1998 as Long Island native Jonathan Drew set out to bring about a rebirth in the cigar world. With limited capital, he employed a handful of cigar rollers in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua. Back in New York, partner and co-founder Marvin Samel was leading Drew Estate operations from a warehouse office in Brooklyn.

The office was on Jay Street, shared by Scott "ACID" Chester, a then-emerging artist on the local art scene. Scott's mix of industrial, urban, graffiti, and motorcycle art provided an ideal marketing vehicle for ACID Cigars. This youthful "sub-cultural" aesthetic became a dominant aspect of Drew Estates marketing message and company culture.

Expressed in several distinctly different lines, every single ACID cigar became a unique smoking experience, with their fans being as unique as the cigars themselves. Given the vast array and very limited production of some, it may be truly impossible for any one smoker to imbibe all the incarnations of ACID cigars, but seeking them and experiencing each has become an exalting quest.

The next success story for Drew Estate was the introduction of Liga Privada cigars which were originally created for the sole smoking pleasure of then Drew Estates president, Steve Saka. These full-flavored sticks fly off the shelves as if somebody said that the blends were lined with solid gold! The first in the line was the Liga Privada #9, exquisitely blended with 7 different tobaccos from 7 different farms, handcrafted only by the factory's top torcedors. Each cigar is flawless in construction, flavor and character. Rich, complex and full-bodied without being harsh, it became an instant hit with cigar fans who had only been familiar with the ACID Cigar line. This success was then followed up by the Liga Privada T-52, a luxurious, a full-bodied smoke designed for those who appreciate robust, complex cigars. The core is blended with Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran longfillers bound by a zesty Brazilian leaf. But the piece de resistance is the U.S.-grown stalk cut Habano-seed oscuro wrapper. The result is a leaf that's more intense in flavor and richer in oils. The smoke teems with creamy flavors of wood, espresso, peppery spices and sweet tobacco.

As the popularity of Drew Estate Cigars continues to grow, new blends are being added to appease the rampant following that the incredibly popular Jonathan Drew has created. There's the Feral Flying Pig with its unique shape, the Liga Privada Dirty Rat, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, Nica Rustica, and the hickory smoke flavored creation known as the Kentucky Fire Cured. And if you like a hint of coffee with your cigar, the Tabak Especial is infused with dark and delicious Nicaraguan grown estate beans.

Whatever unique taste treat Drew Estate creates next for the cigar loving public, Famous Smoke Shop is sure to offer them with our impeccable service and prices that can't be beat. If you're looking for Drew Estate Cigars or you buy tobacco online, Famous is the place to go!

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