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10 Top Rated Nicaraguan Cigars Under $10

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The Best Nicaraguan Cigars Under $10 as chosen by Famous Smoke Shop Customers

Updated January 2023 by Gary Korb

At Cigar Advisor, we don’t do ratings. It’s not our style. For one, everyone else is doing it. And besides, when the dust settles, it’s just one (or four) of our opinions. Sure, we know our stuff, but it just isn’t possible for our taste buds and personal preferences to speak for 17.4 million cigar smokers (and those are just the U.S. numbers). . .

We still think ratings have their place, though. When you log-in to Amazon to buy whatever it is you buy, you most likely browse the user reviews on the item. A manufacturer can tout a widget’s accolades all they want, but if most customers are giving it a one-star rating, then surely something devious is afoot.

Smoking is an exceedingly subjective affair, and as such, you’re going to need more data than just four middle-aged dudes who just happen to know a thing or two about tobacco. That’s why, for this article, I combed the Famous Smoke Shop website to find cigars that were highly-rated from customers – not staff, not bloggers. . . but consumers, like you.

The formula was simple: In order to qualify for this list, each cigar in question had to pass the following criteria:

  • Manufactured in Nicaragua
  • Priced under $10 per cigar
  • Minimum of 10 customer reviewers
  • Attained an average rating of least 4.5 out of 5 stars

During my research for this article, I looked up some of the customer ratings for similar cigars offered by Famous Smoke Shop’s competitors. For some reason – maybe it was the glowing one-word reviews (That’s it? One word? That’s all you have to say?), or the fact that, somehow, everything everybody smoked was awesome (amazing!) – sampling those reviews gave me that “something devious is afoot” feeling I described earlier. Or maybe I’m just a cynic – so instead of dogging these guys, I’ll just take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Famous Smoke Shop rate & review policy for all of our products. 

So, as we dive into these 10, highly-customer-rated cigars, just remember: You don’t have to take my word for it when I say that these are the best of the best!



Drew Estate Deadwood Yummy Bitches Sweet Jane – 5.0 Stars from 44 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - deadwood sweet jane at famous smoke shopWhen Drew Estate released the Deadwood Yummy Bitches, maybe you thought they were some sort of kooky novelty line. Such is not the case. The fact is, all of the cigars in the series have received 4½–5 star reviews. Sweet Jane just happens to be a standout. Rolled to a traditional Corona, Jane’s mellow blend starts with an oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that smothers a core of exotic tobaccos that are rippingly redolent. Although you may get a mix of mocha coffee and savory spices,  one 5-star reviewer wrote that Jane offers a sweet, smooth taste with a bold kick.”



New World by AJ Fernandez Toro – 5.0 Stars from 19 Reviewscigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - new world by aj fernandez at famous smoke shop

Collaborating with his father, Ismael, AJ Fernandez crafted New World by AJ Fernandez after the universal kudos he received from his freshman solo debut with San Lotano. AJ’s blends are typically stronger and feature plenty of kick, but New World is medium-full in body, yet subdued with smooth and creamy spice – the perfect cigar to pair with a post-meal cup of joe. Combining Estelí, Condega, and Ometepe leaves for its core, a hybrid Nicaragua Oscuro leaf tops this deftly executed blend for a memorable experience that is only outperformed by its surprisingly low price-point.



Don Pepin Garcia (Blue) Original Generosos – 5 Stars from 11 Reviewscigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - don pepin garcia blue at famous smoke shop

It seems like every time I make my way into the Famous Smoke Shop retail store, there’s someone singing the praises of Don Pepin Garcia Blue. Its across-the-board, five-star rating from Famous customers is all the evidence you need. The Original Generosos, as they’re more accurately called, are rolled in pristine Nicaraguan Corojo wrappers and are the product of Cuban-born blending legend, Jose Pepin Garcia. Underneath its wrapper you’ll find Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long-filler leaves that undergo a meticulous hand-selection process. The result is a full-bodied cigar with a spicy-sweet complexity that will satiate your senses from foot to nub. One thing is abundantly certain; these cult-classic cigars are crafted for connoisseurs – but priced for the everyman.


CAO Brazilia Gol! – 4.5 Stars from 120 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - cao brazilia at famous smoke shop

For nearly 20 years, CAO Brazilia has been wowing the palates of cigar enthusiasts, and none of its sizes are more popular than Gol! With a staggering 4.5-star average across 120 reviews, it’s clear that not only is this the most popular CAO cigar, but one of the most popular cigars period. Gol! features an oily Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that embraces a robust blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos below. Exotic spices, cedar, and a smooth finish are the perfect combination for a bold and full-flavored after-dinner splurge.



Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Gran Consul – 4.5 Stars from 43 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - joya de nicaragua antano at famous smoke shopThis one was a tough call, because we almost went with the Rothschild-size Antaño 1970 Consul which received 21 5-star reviews. But wide-ring cigars seem to be the thing these days, so check out this pudgy and highly savory blend that was born a classic. The cigar is prime Nicaraguan throughout starting with a rich, oily Criollo wrapper. Full in body, the smoke offers notes of leather, hazelnuts, cedar, and a hint of chocolate for a first-class smoke that’s remarkably affordable. One 5-star review stated: “As close to perfect as it gets.” Fair enough.



Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto – 4.5 Stars from 31 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - perdomo lot 23 at famous smoke shopOne thing you have to say for Perdomo Cigars: they’ve kept their cigar prices affordable. Now combine that with the Perdomo Lot 23 line that debuted in 2001. As you can see above, this Robusto has become a superstar. It starts with the amazing Lot 23 soil discovered by Nick Perdomo Jr. and his late father, Nicholas Sr. This vitola sports a vintage Habano wrapper over a prime Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo ’98 core. Medium in body, the smoke is uber-smooth on the palate issuing notes of leather, espresso, hazelnuts, a dash of citrus, and a smack of Nicaraguan spice.



Oliva Serie V Belicoso – 4.5 Stars from 27 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - oliva serie v at famous smoke shopEven if you’ve been a premium cigar enthusiast for a short period of time, you are probably as unsurprised as I was to find that the Oliva Serie V Belicoso is well-loved and highly-rated by smokers everywhere. The apex of the their lineup, Serie V, is comprised of a Habano Sun Grown wrapper and well-aged tobaccos for the binder and filler that were culled from Nicaragua’s lush Jalapa Valley. Its signature flavor is a spicy smoothness that never overpowers, delivering satisfaction that’s both dependable, and affordable.



My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro – 4.5 Stars from 26 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - my father flor de las antillas at famous smoke shopWhat is it about My Father Cigars? They’re one of the few Nicaraguan cigar makers that generally does no wrong. If you haven’t had the pleasure, start with this affordable Flor de Las Antillas gem. Softly box-pressed in pristine sun-grown Nicaraguan Habano wrappers, these puros entered the market in May 2012. That same year, this sweet n’ spicy, medium-bodied Toro earned the #1 Cigar of the Year honor. And here’s a 5-star review that landed as recently as January 3 of this year: “I love this cigar! Rich flavor with a touch of natural sweetness and a perfect burn. White ash, perfect draw, and plenty of smoke! None better at any price!”



Liga Privada Undercrown Robusto – 4.5 Stars from 23 Reviewscigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - undercrown maduro at famous smoke shop

Liga Privada Undercrown cigars were initially blended solely for the enjoyment of torcedors (cigar rollers) under Drew Estate’s employ. They were coveted treats within their ranks and rose so much in popularity, that they decided to bring them to market. It was a move that paid off in spades for both Drew Estate and tobacco enthusiasts like you and me. With a diverse blend of tobaccos, from its Mexican San Andres wrapper to the Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos found under the hood, Liga Undercrown was a nearly overnight success. Expect to be captivated by its smooth sweetness that’s big on flavor without denting your bankroll.



Rocky Patel The Edge Habano 4.5 Stars from 14 Reviews

cigar advisor top customer-rated nicaraguan cigars under $10 - rocky patel edge habano at famous smoke shopOf the dozens upon dozens of cigars made by Rocky Patel, you could easily make the case for The Edge. Not only is it a bestselling classic, it’s always been pretty affordable. Take this Edge Habano Toro. Medium to full in body, it’s a puro graced by a shimmery, rich-looking Cuban seed wrapper. The overall blend actually combines the best of Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa. Originally aimed at more experienced smokers, today’s cigar smokers should have no problem handling its smooth-smoking parade of leather, spice, and a combination of cedar and hickory. One 5-star reviewer wrote: “If I had to smoke only one cigar, this would be it.”


What Nicaraguan cigars would you rate highly? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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Brian Davis
3 years ago

None of the Padron Classic had reviews that met the requirements? That’s a shame. The 2000 is a phenomenon sub-$6 stick. Several other vitolas in the line meet the sub $10 mark. The Tatuaje Havana VI line also lands in this territory. Illusione 88, 68, HL, Rothschild? Curavari? I guess I need to write more reviews.

Jimmy Williams
3 years ago
Reply to  Brian Davis

Correct..As a Padron Smoker I agree with Brian

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  Brian Davis

Brian, you’re absolutely right regarding the Padron 2000. Both the Natural and Maduro of these cigars well exceed the requirements of the article, but when we’re only choosing a certain number, there are bound to be a few that don’t make the cut. Maybe I’ll add it to the list a little later on. Thanks so much for reading and your feedback!

3 years ago

This list left off an excellent cigar. Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaraguan. Great smoke at a great price.

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  Ron

The only issue with that cigar was that it wasn’t rated enough by Famous customers to fit the criteria. I agree that it’s a great smoke, though!

Steven Landrigan
3 years ago

How about some time looking at Mello or average strength

Jared Gulick
3 years ago

Steven, while there aren’t any mellow smokes here per se, there are some that are average strength like Merciless or Undercrown Maduro. Thanks for your comment!

Steven Landrigan
3 years ago

How about looking at mellow or average strength

3 years ago

Ab nica puro is one I’d like to see on the list. Great cigar.

Jared Gulick
3 years ago
Reply to  Cal

Cal, excellent recommendation. We just may add it at some point. Thanks for the suggestion!

2 years ago

I just can not agree with Merciless being on this list. I bought a box once, because its from Joya and I love those in general.

I would not recommend anyone buying those at any price. There was so much ammonia in them that I could not smoke most of them at all.

Jared Gulick
2 years ago
Reply to  Crni

Sorry to hear about your experience. I’m wondering if it may have just been a bad batch because I’ve had nothing but good experiences. As they say, taste is subjective. Thanks for your comment!

1 year ago

I’m surprised not to see any Alec Bradley make the list. I’m Canadian so don’t really know the retail cost in the US. Perhaps they don’t meet that requirement?

Jared Gulick
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim

Hey, Tim. Thanks for writing. Alec Bradley’s cigars weren’t as highly rated as the others by Famous customers, and we’re only highlighting the top 10. Thanks for reading!

10 days ago

All good picks (except #1). We all know there are so many more. But, the criteria is the criteria. Great article

Jared Gulick
10 days ago
Reply to  Rob

Thanks for reading, Rob!

Orlando C. Fernandez
10 days ago

I was surprised that there wasn’t one Espinosa cigar in the mix. Do you carry them?

Jared Gulick
10 days ago

Orlando, thanks for reading! This is based on customer reviews. Famous carries them, but they weren’t rated as highly among customers as other cigars on the list.

Chris Galeone
8 days ago

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli is one of my favorite smokes. Surprised not to see it mentioned.

Jared Gulick
8 days ago
Reply to  Chris Galeone

Thanks for reading, Chris. These selections were made by customers. Truth be told, we’re a bit surprised not to see it ourselves!

Jared Gulick

Jared Gulick

Features Editor, Jared Gulick, is a Certified Tobacconist, nerd of all things science, musician and serial abuser of the Oxford comma. He made his way to the Famous Smoke Shop retail store in 2018 and joined the Advisors when it was discovered that he could locate the shift key. Prior to his work in the cigar industry, he was a recording studio engineer, songwriter, and a journalism major at Northampton Community College.

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