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2016 CA Report: Top 12 Best Selling Dominican Cigars

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By Jonathan Detore

In an ever-shrinking world due to increased global commerce, even generations-old industries such as our own have succumbed to international trade to source different tobaccos, making country of origin essentially irrelevant. Hell, you don’t even need to use Dominican-grown tobacco to make a cigar in the Dominican Republic anymore – as long as the D.R. is home to the factory, they’re still able to be loosely called “Dominican cigars.”

This may sound kind of sad, but this is probably the best thing to happen to the cigar industry since Native Americans started smoking the plant hundreds of years ago. With mixing tobaccos, we’re essentially weeding out the losers. If I had a car company but only had access to metal, I wouldn’t have tires or windows to help keep control of my cars or see out of them. Once I find those suppliers from other areas to make my car better, my original model will be scrapped for newer higher performing models.

And so it goes with Dominican cigars; or any premium cigars, actually. By breaking away from just using local tobacco, cigars from any country of origin have the opportunity to become stronger, more flavorful, and better-rounded by incorporating different tobaccos that offer more of what the market demands. We’re pretty soundly in the golden age of cigars! Once Cuba opens up trade with the United States and starts flooding their tobacco, blending it with non-Cuban tobacco, we’ll be like apes pounding on cigar counters everywhere in a primal excited rage to try these newer super-cigars! But until Cuba decides to stop the whole Communism thing and start treating their people like they’re actually humans and not cattle, we’ll just have to focus on the super-cigars without Cuban tobacco. One of the most prominent countries? The Dominican Republic.

It’s long been said the Dominican Republic has been known to produce more mild tobaccos that have a penchant for being earthy, sweet, and have hints of grass or hay. But with all this blending and intermingling, Dominican produced cigars have gone from the stereotypical mild cigar to outstanding smokes of all varieties. That’s why I’m laying down the most popular Dominican cigars on the market today, all featuring home-grown wrappers. Because what’s a Dominican smoke without that Dominican swing?

Psyko Seven Gordo

PSyko 7 dominican cigars on saleWith a list this epic, I figured I’d start out big with Psyko Seven Gordo. Now typically I’m not a fan of big cigars, but this 3 hour smoke is the stuff of legends. I actually mention the smaller sizes every once in a while and for good reason. With bands that look like a doctor’s prescription pad, these Dominican cigars are big sellers as a daily dose of relaxation. Each is packed with a blend of incredible longfiller tobaccos that hit hard, with a smooth Dominican wrapper to level it all out.


Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande

Nat Sherman 1930 Dominican cigars on saleNat Sherman may not be the most widely available cigars on the market, but they certainly are one of the most widely respected in the industry. I mean, this company is absolutely legendary, and no list or conversation on cigars can be had without them being mentioned. Known more for their mild-bodied offerings, this medium-bodied cigar is to die for. With a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican longfillers all wrapped in a Dominican wrapper, you’ll get the power of Nicaragua mixed with that relaxing Dominican creaminess all in one incredible smoke.


Zino Platinum Z-Class 550 R

zin platinum z class dominican cigars on saleNamed after Zino Davidoff, the Platinum Z-Class 550 R follows the master’s lead into the world of complex and highly sought after smokes. If you want a cigar that incorporates multiple nations, go no further than this flavor bomb. Nicaraguan and Honduran longfillers pack the middle with a heavy spicy sweetness, Peruvian binders help add some spice and even out the burn, and the Dominican wrapper mellows it all out for a one of a kind smoke.


Arturo Fuente Opus X Angel’s Share Toro

Fuente Fuente Opus X Angel's Share cigars on sale dominican cigarsThere was no way I was going to create a list of Dominican cigars without having an Opus X make an appearance. Who said high class had to cost a small fortune? This is one of the most sought after cigar lines in the world today, and is regularly listed on many “best of” cigar lists because it’s one of the best cigars ever made. But contrary to my earlier statement that the best cigars come from blending with tobaccos from different countries, this is a Dominican puro, using only Dominican tobaccos including an ultra-flavorful aged Sun Grown wrapper. This is simply due to Arturo Fuente’s decision to stick to their homeland and allow people to experience the flavor of the Dominican Republic all in one glorious cigar.


Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Toro

fuente Don Carlos edicion de aniversario dominican cigars on saleMade to celebrate the 30th year Arturo Fuente has been producing Don Carlos cigars, this bad boy is on par with any top tier cigar on the market. Another Fuente made with all Dominican tobaccos (thus further proving I’m nothing but a dirty liar who should shut his mouth), each filler leaf is aged at minimum for two years, then cloaked in the same Sun Grown wrapper mentioned in the Opus X above. If you want to try one of these though, you better act fast because these are extremely limited edition.


Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto S

aging room quattro f55 dominican cigars on saleIt was only a matter of time before we stumbled upon Rafael Nodal and his glorious F55. Having sat down with Rafael, I was able to learn first-hand how he makes cigars and his general process. Essentially, he comes at you like a furiously elegant musical composition. With strong notes in the forefront and subtle notes mixing, matching, and blending behind them, along with the perfect aroma to accompany your smoke, the F55 has been met with massive demand since its release. Again, this is an extremely limited cigar, so get yours while you still can.


La Flor Dominicana Limited Production Capitulo II

la flor dominicana limited production capitulo ii chisel dominican cigars on saleVintage cigars meet modern flavor with the LFD Dominicana Limited Production Capitulo II. Prepare to be emotionally wrecked after smoking this powerhouse, because it’s going to send you on a roller coaster of flavor from start to finish, much like every La Flor Dominicana does. However, I cheated a little bit. This cigar is made with mainly aged tobaccos from all over including a Dominican core, but features a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper. That means you’ll get the Dominican flavor from the filler, but more of a rich earthiness from the wrapper will present itself while smoking this full bodied cigar.

La Aurora Preferidos Corojo Gold Edition

la aurora preferidos corojo gold edition dominican cigars on saleI’m truly in la-la land between the La Flor Dominicana and the La Aurora. Okay, all terrible jokes aside, the La Aurora Preferidos line of cigars is one of the first ultra-premiums I ever smoked in my life, and the Corojo is my absolute favorite. These may look mild, but each is considered full strength and full bodied. However, these are so loaded with tobacco, by the time you finish this slow burner, you won’t feel you went 3 rounds in the Octagon with it. Dominican, Cameroon, and Brazilian tobaccos are loaded inside an ultra-rare Dominican Criollo wrapper for one of the smoothest yet massively flavorful cigars from the DR you’ll ever smoke.


Davidoff Puro D’Oro Deliciosos

davidoff puro d'oro deliciosos dominican cigars on saleWe had the Zino, now it’s time for the Davidoff. Yes, Davidoff cigars are one of my favorite, and they should be one of yours as well. Being the absolute leader in construction and quality control, this storied manufacturer has come out with Dominican-bred sticks that can leave any vet speechless from the massive flavor that pours from each of these cigars. But the Puro d’Oro is something truly special. This is another Dominican Puro utilizing well aged tobaccos from all over the small nation, and rolled in a Cuban traditional pigtail cap using a Davidoff proprietary Yamasa wrapper. It takes the flavor wheel and checks nearly every single nuance mentioned. It’s that good.


Ashton ESG 20 Year Salute

Ashton ESG 20 year salute dominican cigars on saleThis gem should be sitting next to the crown jewels in London for how absolutely regal this cigar tastes. Ashton had released this cigar originally in 2006, and continued releasing a yearly allotment of only 50,000 cigars until 2010. The tobaccos inside are purely Dominican and features a Habano wrapper grown only at the Chateau de la Fuente farm which has only, and will only, be used for this cigar. These Dominican cigars are truly one of a kind, very hard to find, and extremely worth the purchase.


SWAG Puro Dominicano Fierce

swag puro dominicano fierce dominican cigars on saleSWAG Puro Dominicano cigars are another one of Rafael Nodal’s creations, and hold a place in his heart. Just starting his run in the premium cigar world, this blend was originally blended and banded to look like an old and traditional cigar. But it needed a name and band that really showed off what this cigar truly is: an eye-opening flavor bomb that drops the beat on your palate from start to finish. After a short discussion with an influential musician, the name was born, but this Dominican cigars ‘ blend is one that will last a lifetime.


Inch by EPC Short Run 2014 No. 64

inch short run 2014 epc dominican cigars on saleErnesto Perez-Carrillo’s Inch by EPC S.R. No. 64 is one of the highest rated Dominican cigars in the history of the industry by many well-regarded publications, with the original run being produced in 2012. Made in very limited quantities, this cigar boasts Nicaraguan and Dominican longfillers with a dark and rich Dominican Corojo 2006 wrapper. It’s flawlessly constructed with a flavor that will never let you down. It’s a must have from one of the premier manufacturers today.

The world is always closing in on us. Always getting smaller and changing, including our cigars. But national pride still means something for these cigar manufacturers. They all take pride in their product and feature their nation’s tobacco with dignity. And with that pride comes flavors you simply need to light up to experience. Get a taste of true Dominican flavor now, and try any of these incredible and wildly popular Dominican cigars today.


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Jamie O'Flaherty
Jamie O'Flaherty

You call this the “12 Best Selling Dominican Cigars”, and one would think that title would refer to quantity sold. Yet you include a cigar like the Opus, a line that the Fuente boys make sure is nearly as scarce as hens teeth. And the Preferidos, at that price, they’re sold in quantity to justify a list of top sellers? Don’t get me wrong, any of the list I’ve had are fantastic smokes and deserve to be on a list of “top Dominican cigars”, but again, I question the article title.

Rick Kollar
Rick Kollar

No Padron’s? Come on!

Sal Schembre
Sal Schembre

AVO Classic belongs on this list.

Mohammed Alfaresi
Mohammed Alfaresi

They missed Ashton Symettry Sublime and La Aroma De Cuba Reserva

Barak-Har Elkin
Barak-Har Elkin

Don Carlos would be a welcome call in contrast to the astronomical pricing of the two listed Fuentes. The corona is a reasonable $8+

Jonathan DeTore

Jonathan DeTore

My job here is pretty simple - I write stuff, I post stuff to Facebook, and I take it to the house consistently at the weekly slam drunk contest. I do it all while sipping on a fine glass of cognac at my desk (don’t tell my boss), and wearing cashmere slippers. Let’s just say "The Hef" has nothing on me.

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