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CA Report: Top New Cigars (Apr. 1 2019)

As temperatures continue to climb, so do opportunities to enjoy well-made premium cigars outdoors. While you may be tempted to play it safe and carry on smoking your standard fare, it always comes at the expense of finding something new. That’s why we offer up what’s fresh and exciting as a regular feature, because you never know when we’ll introduce you to your next favorite smoke. Here’s seven contenders for the crown. Make sure to make it all the way to the end, because we have a world-premier exclusive to close this list!

300 Manos/300 Hands

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano/Nicaragua Maduro Binder: Indonesia Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

A Southern Draw two-fer: with a sweetness akin to raisins, and notes of cocoa, spice, and bread, 300 Hands Maduro is full-bodied yet satisfyingly smooth, and a gem to enjoy on these warmer evenings. When we indulge in our delicious hand-rolled premium cigars, it’s easy to forget all of the prosperity that this industry brings to the people of nations that yield these luxury tobaccos. Even with the added boost, the obstacles that some face is still very real – that’s why Robert & Sharon Holt donate 25% of the profits made from these 300 projects directly to the people of Nicaragua. This makes for a great way to smoke a fantastic cigar while giving back to those who make it possible. And if Maduro is not your forte, jump on the Habano option called 300 Manos Habano – both are a satisfying smoke, for an excellent cause.

HVC Cerro

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano/Mexican San Andres Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua

The allure of the Cuban cigar is unending. It dominates the banter of every lounge and cigar bar. Finding them can be tricky, and that’s even if they’re real. Why go through all that hassle? If you’re looking for the smooth pre-embargo flavors of years past, HVC Cerro is here to end your search! With its earthy arrangement of sweet cedar, pepper, spices, and a hint of citrusy tang, these cigars are relaxing, smooth, and straight down the middle of the road in body. The Maduro version of the Cerro brings some of the sweetness and cocoa to the forefront. So, drop the convertible’s top and head out for a flavorful, Cuban-esque evening with a friendly-priced smoke that’s sure to end up in your repertoire.

HVC Pan Caliente

Wrapper: Nicaragua Criollo ’98 Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua

You’ve made it all the way to April and you haven’t taken a day off yet? Sounds like you’re deserving of some well-earned PTO. You could schedule it like you’re supposed to, or just be like Zman and just say your furnace is busted again. Dubious. No matter how you skin that cat, make sure you have an HVC Pan Caliente ready to go. Brimming with flavorful swaths of leather, coffee, earth, and pepper, these medium-bodied cigars are a perfect springtime distraction from that pesky responsibility stuff. The best part is that they start around 6 bucks a stick, so you won’t even mind missing out on this month’s perfect attendance bonus.

Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Binder: Ecuador Filler: Nicaragua

One of the best parts of trying new cigars is finding the hidden jewels that cost far less than their taste suggests. To save you the time you’ll spend scrounging through the shelves of your local shop, I’ll just let you in on the secret – Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII is one of them. With a complex array of flavors like cherries, pepper, cocoa, roasted walnuts, and an eruption of full-bodied smoke, you’d swear these things would be fifteen bucks or more. In fact, they’re less than $10 a stick, making them one of the best new deals you can find – and from a boutique name brand you can trust.

Oliva Baptiste Maduro

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua

Easter may only be a few short weeks away, but you still need to top off your humidor in preparation for the family gathering. The good news is that the deft hands of Oliva have swooped in to bring you Oliva Baptiste Maduro just in time! With full-bodied nuances of aged cedar, coffee beans, sweet tobacco, and spices, they make for a delicious accent to any holiday feast. The better new is that they’re south of $5/cigar, so you can get enough for everyone to enjoy!

Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection

Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo ’99 Rosado Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Jalapa and Nicaragua Esteli

It’s always fun to chase limited-run cigars, but it’s even better when the smoking experience equals the rarity. The 500-box-run Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection handsomely checks both of those boxes. With its balanced, medium bodied array of decadent flavors, you’ll be treated to dashes of earth, sweet cedar, spices, and a lofty, aromatic smoke. With reasonable pricing, these cigars are the perfect smoke for luxury indulgence on special occasions.

El Dudoso

Wrapper: Customizable Binder: Customizable Filler: Customizable

A world-premier exclusive to Famous Smoke Shop, the El Dudoso is the last cigar you’ll ever need. With its patented and proprietary technology, the El Dudoso can become any stick imaginable. With 40 built-in flavor profiles that feature fan-favorites like Arturo Fuente, Padron, Davidoff, and Macanudo, you’ll be able to smoke some of the most sought-after blends of all time – and that’s only half of fun!

What makes El Dudoso truly awe-inducing is its ability to allow customization of personalized blends. With thousands of combinations possible, you can indulge in flavors you never thought possible. Popular wrapper options like Connecticut Shade, Corojo, Mexican San Andres, Cameroon, and much more come in your choice of growing region along with a hefty list of binder and filler tobacco options. You can craft any blend from the tamest fairway puffer to unbridled full-bodied power bombs – all with its cutting-edge emulation software.

Using it is as simple as filling its reservoir with a specially blended Dudoso solution which contains the elements needed for flavor extraction. After that, just set your preferences on the free companion app and everything transmits wirelessly to your El Dudoso. You’ll be smoking perfection within seconds.

For discreet enjoyment, El Dudoso looks like an ordinary unbanded cigar. There are no buttons or screens, and it features an LED ember that lights whenever you draw. You may go into the digital age kicking and screaming – but sleep on El Dudoso and you’ll be left behind. Get yours now for $299.99. We expect these to sell out FAST, with only 2500 made in the initial run.

The El Dudoso Starter Kit includes:

Did we miss a newbie that’s worth mentioning? What are your thoughts on the list? Let us know in the comments section below and keep your eyes on the skies for the next edition of Top New Cigars!