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#NowSmoking: Davidoff Limited Edition 2022

#NowSmoking: Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Cigar Review (Video)

Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 – Cigar Details

Factory: Cigars Davidoff, Dominican Republic
Size: 5 ½” x 58 (Gran Toro)
Strength: Medium-plus/Full
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Dominican Republic Hybrid, Dominican Republic San Vicente Mejorado, Nicaragua (Jalapa and Esteli viso), Brazilian Mata Fina

Presented in boxes of 12

Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Backstory

As far back as the early 1990’s, Davidoff was always a cigar brand that laid just beyond reach for me. Davidoff was known for their ultra-luxury White Band Collection—cigars like the Grand Cru and Aniversario which tended to be mellow, silky smooth, and exceptionally refined.

Then, everything changed in 2013 with Davidoff Nicaragua—the first cigar in the Black Band Collection. The Davidoff’s with the black bands—Nicaragua, Escurio, and Yamasa—appealed to an entirely new demographic of cigar smoker and offer a contrast in experience to their white label luxury blends. These new blends were still impeccably refined and creamy, but with more strength, body, and depth.

The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 is the fourth in the black label lineup and seeks to incorporate the best elements of Nicaragua, Escurio, and Yamasa in one limited edition, luxury cigar. Let’s see how it stacks up.

Cigar Basics

The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 feels substantial in my hand, no doubt because of its 58-ring gauge. It’s densely packed containing seven different tobaccos—representing the previous Davidoff black label cigars (Nicaragua, Escurio, and Yamasa). The wrapper is seamless and smooth with light oil visible on close examination. Running the unlit Davidoff LE 2022 under my nose revealed notes of cedar, leather, earth, and generic floral.

Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Review

The Davidoff LE 2022 began on an even keel with leather, baking spice with some background sweetness (like one of those cinnamon hearts candies), and dark baking chocolate. As the cigar progresses, the profile takes on a generally savory quality. Like umami (and I hate calling a cigar umami). I’ll compare it to Asian food and the additions of fish or soy sauce. Or MSG. On their own, these things aren’t appetizing—but when added to a dish they can completely elevate the experience. And that’s precisely what’s happening with the Davidoff LE 2022. As the first portion comes to a close, I’d peg the strength at a solid medium-body and overall, the blend is soaring in complexity.

The second part of the Davidoff LE 2022 offers up much of the same. The flavors are rich and balanced while the smoke itself has a creamy texture. In this part of the cigar, I’m also noticing a buttery finish. As far as new additions to the flavor profile, I did find what I can only describe as something akin to chocolate covered espresso beans. A pleasant bittersweetness in other words. Also coming into play are nuttiness and earthiness. As the Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 enters its final stages, the cigar perks up to medium-plus and I’m starting to get the hint of a surprising new flavor.

Burnt ends. You know the prized part of a barbecue brisket that’s charred and oh so tasty. Like brisket candy basically. That’s what the end of the second part and the beginning of the end portion of the Davidoff LE 2022 reminds me of. As the flavors dance around, I get some black pepper rearing its head. The cigar winds up registering medium plus, and throughout the entire experience the construction was as close to perfect as I’ve seen. I know what you’re thinking—of course, it’s a Davidoff.

Are Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 worth buying?

Being a Davidoff, you already have some sense of the price of the Limited Edition 2022. In this case the old adage is true, ‘you get what you pay for.’ While not inexpensive, the Davidoff LE 2022 is one of the rare examples of a cigar that I can’t find fault with. It was complex without being challenging and the blend was confident without showing off.

In my view, the Davidoff LE 2022 is the type of cigar where you just throw caution to the wind and buy a few. And then you stash them away for a special occasions. For weddings, births, retirements, paying off a house, or simply when you want a little luxury. After all, a little bit of luxury can be life affirming and sometimes entirely necessary.