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My Weekend Cigar: Nov. 27, 2017 – Mi Querida

MY WEEKEND CIGAR: Mi Querida Cigar Review

By Gary Korb

A Stunning Revelation About This “Mistress” of a Cigar

File under “Awesome.” There are few other words that can more accurately describe the ultra-rich flavor and aroma of the Mi Querida Fino Largo, a Toro-sized parejo that characterizes how a super-premium cigar is supposed to look, feel, and taste.


Mi Querida cigar review MWC GK
The Mi Querida Fino Largo is one of the most satisfying after-dinner cigars for its full-body and marked complexity. I was so immersed in my smoke, I forgot to get a picture for this review. The shot above is from this past summer. G~

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 6″ x 48
Strength: Full
Wrapper: 100% naturally fermented Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler & Binder: Nicaraguan

My Experience: For holidays like Thanksgiving, you want a cigar that’s going to complement that stomach-expanding dinner menu. For me, it was the Mi Querida Fino Largo, a picture-perfect example of superior premium cigar craftsmanship (Querida, in this case, is Spanish for “mistress.”) It comes from one of the industry’s most esteemed tobacco blending experts, Steve Saka, founder of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. A perfectionist by nature, combined with his virtuoso tobacco knowledge, Steve has created what I call the “poster child” of super-premium cigars. So, to follow this year’s feast, I plucked this mouthwatering morsel out of the humidor for my nightcap.

Paired with a glass of Zafra Master Reserve Rum, I imagined I was sitting at a table at the El Floridita bar in pre-revolutionary Cuba. The smoke was creamy, dense and teeming with earthy-spicy flavors, leaving a long, lingering finish in its wake, while each sip of rum prepared the way for the next luxurious draw. Beyond that, there was the undeviating balance, marked complexity, unyielding ash, and fragrant aroma. The only thing missing was the Latin music.

Suffice it to say . . . Although there are plenty of so-called, “luxury-class cigars” for such occasions, many of them not only cost more than the Fino Largo, about half don’t meet this level of handcraftsmanship. Taking in all I’ve described above, this is a cigar truly worth having in your collection, whether it’s for special nights like this, or not.

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