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Fan Mail: More Fresh Cigar Questions…Answered! (Part 57)

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We’ve heard almost every cigar question you can imagine. Or so we thought. Just when we think the well has run dry, you surprise us with inquiries we never considered.

This month’s Fan Mail series goes deep into nicotine nerdery with a wide selection of topics and answers. Below: Jared wonders what smoking through a garden hose would be like to answer a question on ring gauges and strength, Pullo dusts off his roach clip to discuss when it’s best to put a cigar down, and Paul takes out an extra line of credit for the most expensive cigar he’s ever had.

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Cigar Question #1: Does a cigar’s ring gauge affect its strength?

By Jared Gulick

Jed from Lincoln, Nebraska recently sent us a message on social media asking, “Are thinner cigars really stronger? Some guy at the lounge said that they are and I’m not sure if that’s true.”

Good on you for looking into the question, further Jed! I’m not the type to take anyone at face value, either. Especially in this age of misinformation. Turns out that your new friend is at least on the right track. While thinner cigars aren’t technically stronger than their big-ring counterparts, they are bolder in body. To answer this question more accurately, we’ll have to identify the differences between body and strength to see how ring gauges affect flavor. Check out the video below to dive deeper!

Cigar Question 2: When Should I Finish Smoking My Cigar?

By John Pullo

All of our fan mails usually have to do with smoking more – but David H, from Aurora, Illinois, asks a great question: “When do I know it’s time to STOP smoking a cigar?”

Aside from some really dumb advice I got when I was smoking a while ago, this is one of those great cases where we poke “etiquette” in the eye and debunk some needless snobbery in the video. Short version is, there is no rule – just 100% YOUR personal preference. As long as your cigar provides desirable taste and aroma, keep smoking it. If you’re not feeling it anymore, or the cigar can’t keep up with you, stop. But there are going to come a few times when you may need to make the call and surrender that stick – specifically, these three: if it gets too small or too hot to hold, if it’s starting to make you feel nauseous, or if the taste starts to turn you off. We talk about each of these, and I offer some tips, to help you get the most out of that too-good-to-put-down cigar as we answer David’s question. Watch now!

Cigar Question 3: Why are some cigars so expensive?

By Paul Lukens

Ernie, from Bessemer, Alabama wants to know what the most expensive cigar I ever smoked was, and what made it so expensive.

Thanks for the great question, Ernie. The most expensive cigar I ever smoked was something I never would’ve tried on my own—if not for the extreme generosity of the brand owner. Now what made this cigar, and others like it, cost so much? It boils down to a few factors like the price of the tobaccos, labor, and packaging. That’s only the beginning, however.

For my in-depth answer with analogies to fine dining and bourbon, check out the full video!