CA Report: Top New Cigars – Apr. 6 2018

CA Report: Top New Cigars – Apr. 6 2018

Cigar Advisor Picks: Top New Cigars (April 6, 2018)

By Fred Lunt

Never mind the daisies – the April Showers are bringing bouquets, bundles and boxes of new cigars from the top brands for some good ol’ fashioned Spring cleaning. You read that right, Top New Cigars has returned once again to bring a slice of new-cigar pie to the party.

This week we’ve brought in some super-fine premium cigars from classic brands like Romeo y Julieta and Macanudo, along with some fresh releases and something with a little panache. Check ’em out!


Macanudo Inspirado Red

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Is that garage looking a little cluttered? It’s time to boot out your VHS collection and that chic summer wardrobe from 1988. While the old is checking out, let’s bring in the new- via Macanudo’s Inspirado Red. A fiery cigar born from Nicaragua’s rich volcanic soil, this new smoke features an illustrious blend of 12-year aged Ometepe, 10-year aged Honduran Jamastran, and 5-year aged Esteli filler leaves in a Nicaraguan binder, covered in a beefy Ecuadorian Habano ligero leaf. In short, this is one ultra-fine, full-bodied addition to the Macanudo cigars lineup that’s sure to put some spring in your step.


Romeo San Andres by Romeo y Julieta

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Can you dig this? We here at Cigar Advisor are all about those fresh veggies from the home garden- it’s all about more flavor after all. So, while you’re raking the leaves in and tilling the fresh soils on your garden check out the Romeo by Romeo y Julieta San Andres. This decadent new cigar has all the dark, earthy and sweet flavors you could ever dream. Medium-bodied, luxurious flavor, and affordably priced- it’s the perfect cigar to meet your needs.


La Aurora ADN Dominicano

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As the snow melts away, a decaying body slowly reveals itself in your yard, the body of last year’s Christmas tree. It’s time to send our piney friend to the great sapling in the sky, by burning it on the spot. Of course, what’s a bonfire without cigars and libations? The La Aurora ADN Dominicano is a full-bodied Dominican juggernaut made with a rare Andullo strain of tobacco- requiring a labor and time-intensive fermentation process. On top of the coveted Andullo, the blend is balanced with sweet Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Pennsylvanian long fillers, and a savory Cameroon binder- all clad in a Dominican wrapper. Nothing says auf Wiedersehen to the winter holdovers like a hot new cigar, and this La Aurora fits the bill.


Debonairetop new cigars april 6 2018 buy debonaire cigars

With the blossoming of Spring comes the opportunity for men to reclaim their cavalier routines of old by breaking into the Debonaire. Chivalry isn’t dead (yet), so peel yourself off the couch and scoop up some fresh flowers for the missus – and add a dash of these cigars to your repertoire. Made by Phil Zanghi’s boutique Indian Motorcycle Cigar Co., these suave cigars come in both sumptuous Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro or spicy Nicaraguan Habano wrappers. Dare to be bold with some Debonaire!


Avo Improvisation 30 Years

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After a daunting day of Spring cleaning you’ve earned a cold one, so pour yourself a beer or mix up a Mojito if you feel so inclined and rejuvenate yourself with a limited edition Avo classic. While the Improvisation line has been an annual favorite for founder Avo Uvezian’s birthday, the 30 Year marks the first year he’s no longer with us- making this edition one for the ages. This year’s blend is made from specially grown, aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and is based on the Avo Classic No.3. The 2018 edition is exceedingly rare with a limited production of 2,400 boxes of 25. Snag ‘em while you can!


That’s it for this week’s edition. Stay tuned for next time, as we tee off with the Golf edition of Top New Cigars…and share with us what you’ve been smoking in the comments below!