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#NowSmoking: Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos 2023

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#NowSmoking: Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos 2023 Cigar Review (Video)


Cigar Details:

Factory: Tabacalera Alianza, Dominican Republic
Size: 4” x 54 Short Robust
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Ecuador Sumatra
Filler: Nicaragua

Presented in boxes of 24

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar revuew le careme pastelitos 2023 - at famous smoke shop


Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos Backstory

Crowned Heads, in their time-honored tradition of releasing small-batch, limited-edition cigars, has recently revealed their latest gem – the Le Carême Pastelitos LE 2023.

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar revuew le careme pastelitos 2023 - setup of cigars resting on wooden tableThe Le Carême line has seen limited drops in the Belicosos Finos format in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022, but 2023 sees a new era dawning. With the introduction of a stubbier, more compact 4″ x 54 size—perfect  for a cold weather smoke break— and a more traditional round format complete with a pigtail cap—this Le Carême LE breaks from its past.

And in keeping with the  culinary theme – the cigar line is named after the legendary French chef Marie-Antoine Carême – the Pastelitos is named after a Cuban baked puff pastry. Like the souffle (invented by Carême), the pastelito comes in both sweet and savory options.


The Basics

The Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos is dressed in deliciously dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper nestling an Ecuador Sumatra binder and top-grade long filler from Nicaragua.

The Pastelitos is a fireplug of a cigar—dense and stocky—yet deceptively supple, and you might notice that the three bands nearly obscure the cigar.


Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos Cigar Review

The Pastelitos opened with a sensation akin to downing a chilled shot of Don Julio on a muggy August evening. As in, refreshing, spirited, and just what the doctor ordered. Black pepper provides the fireworks while cocoa, nuts, and dried fruit add depth, balance, and richness to the profile. There’s a minerality present as well, providing a dash of seasoning to both the flavors and aroma. If you close your eyes and think of spending time at the beach—it’s that same sea-saltiness that seems to permeate your every sense—that I’m talking about. Or for Seinfeld fans—think Kramer’s beach cologne.

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar revuew le careme pastelitos 2023 - by paul lukens part 1The second section of the Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos went to the fifth dimension with a satisfying creamy sweetness that accentuates the chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit. The blend’s intensity reached cruising altitude somewhere between medium and medium-to-full, while the Pastelitos is busy building up to a supreme finale.

In the end, Crowned Heads Pastelitos was a marriage of sweet and savory. Of various whispers and exclamations within the flavor profile. A deft touch, nuanced, and yet hitting all the big notes—this Crowned Heads Limited Edition is an impressive demonstration of skilled cigar blending. While a lot of premium cigars tend to empty their tanks in the finale—the Pastelitos, almost seductively, leaves something to the imagination. It dares you to revisit and discover yet more of the Pastelitos promise.


Are Crowned Heads Pastelitos Worth Buying?

Unicorn hunters—that is those that seek out and collect rare, limited edition, and special release cigars—probably have found and secured their stash of Pastelitos already. And if you haven’t yet—what are you waiting for?

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar revuew le careme pastelitos 2023 - by paul lukens part 2But for the rest of us, especially those who are looking to expand our cigar horizons, I’d strongly recommend picking up Crowned Heads Le Carême Pastelitos when you see them. To me, the blend was refreshing, rich, refined, and bold without being overbearing. Le Carême Pastelitos also stood out in this regard—from the very first pull I could tell it was special. What do I mean? Well, the best way to find out is by trying one and seeing for yourself.

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