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2020 CA Report: The 9 Best Camping Cigars

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CA Recommends: Best Cigars to Take Camping

There’s something special about smoking cigars outside that gets lost in the confines of walls. We love to light them up while we’re golfing, fishing, and especially when we’re driving with the top down. Anyone have a convertible I could borrow? But in a remote area dense with trees, a crackling fire, and canvas of endless stars above, smoking a cigar becomes an almost transcendental experience. If you’ve got a few buddies around you, even better. 

But the notion of camping isn’t a one-size fits all. For some, it means carrying everything on your back and finding a great spot on foot. Others prefer driving to designated campgrounds and pitching their tents for the weekend. And then there are the career campers who spent their nest egg on a shiny RV. It gives them many of the amenities of home from an endless list of recreational areas. I mention this because the kind of camper you are will usually dictate how much space you have to play with. 

camping cigars man hiking and smoking

For example: the guy who’s trekking an 8-mile trail with 60 pounds on his back isn’t lugging around a box of cigars. 

To help you find the best cigars for camping, I narrowed down my list twice. First, there are the cigar categories themselves: mellow, medium, and full-bodied. Within those sections there are three picks – one for each type of camper and how much space they may be able to afford. Additionally, and with exception to those who are RVing, I tried to keep the prices (and quantities) on the lower side because camping is a gamble. When it rains, water gets everywhere – and in everything that isn’t watertight. The last thing you need is to spend a small fortune on cigars that may get ruined by a storm when you thought they were in the tent. And that reminds me of a few tips… 

Cigar Camping Tip #1: Take a Cigar Caddy travel case… 

best camping cigars small travel humidor at Famous Smoke Shop

Take the risk out of the equation. This orange Cigar Caddy is built rugged with air and watertight construction, and it’s super easy to spot if it gets dropped in the foliage. Plus, it’s lightweight and has a strap that’ll attach to your bag or virtually anything else. 

Cigar Camping Tip #2: Your toothbrush holder can double as a cigar holder…

As long as you’re not smoking Churchills or big rings, a basic travel toothbrush tube can come in handy as a cigar holder. It’ll prevent your cigar from getting crushed in your pocket when you’re hiking to a good spot for lunch. 

Cigar Camping Tip #3: Your cigars will stay humidified longer than you think…

Save some precious space by not bringing a humidifier. Put your smokes in a re-sealable storage bag instead. When it’s sealed, your cigar’s relative humidity won’t fluctuate up or down, it’ll stay where it was when you put it in the bag. And even after you open the bag, your cigar will maintain its humidity for several days – even a week and beyond in some situations. If your trip doesn’t extend beyond that, you’ll be fine without humidification. 

If you’re roughing it, these essentialcarry cigars will save you space while keeping your taste buds entertained during your next outdoor adventure. If you have a preferred cigar to take with you when you’re camping, let me know in the comments below! 

best mellow camping cigars banner

Backpacker – AVO Classic Puritos 

best camping cigars avo cigars at Famous Smoke Shop 
If your backpack is bursting at the seams, consider a pocket-friendly tin of AVO Classic. They’re rolled with the same prized tobaccos – including a silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper – as their larger cigar siblings and provide 15-20 minutes of creamy smoke filled with cedar, nuts, sweet wood, and gentle spices. Bonus: That tin is sturdier than you think and will shield the cigarillos from a good amount of abuse. 

Load up the Trunk – Illusione Fume D’Amour Lagunas 

best camping cigars Illusione Fume D'Amour cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

The Corojo-wrapped Petit Corona packs a lot into a pint-sized package. Flavors like cocoa, nougat, and cream are prevalent, along with nuts and even a dash of black pepper. The 5-Pack is a good companion to keep handy for nights by the fire, and with their small size, they won’t take up too much precious cargo space. My favorite part is Illusione Fume D’Amour’s price – far under what you’d expect to pay for such a great smoke. 

I’ve Got an RV – Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Churchill 

best camping cigars Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet cigars at Famous Smoke shop

If space isn’t an issue, I’d challenge you to find a better value in a mellow cigar than Romeo’s House of Capulet Churchill. The price is right (just north of a Benjamin for a box of 20), the experience is smooth, and they’ll last two hours a pop whenever you fancy lighting one up. Expect an emphasis on cedar and cream, with a faint zest of citrus on the finish. Once you’ve polished them off, the box is a convenient place to store trinkets you’ve collected along your travels. 

medium best camping cigars banner

Backpacker – Arturo Fuente Exquisitos  

best camping cigars Arturo Fuente cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

They might not come in a tin, but at 4 ½” x 33, these cigars won’t take up much space. Fuente fans will love that they have the same blend of African Cameroon wrappers around a heart of Dominican tobaccos. Exquisitos give you the same zesty-sweet Fuente flavor you’ve come to love in a highly mobile format. Take the guesswork out of finding a travel companion cigar for your next trek and consider these! 

Load up the Trunk – Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto 

best camping cigars Perdomo Lot 23 cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Perdomo is always a good choice, and among his best is Lot 23 Connecticut. It’s got a hearty disposition with richer flavors than most of its Connecticut-clad brethren. Flavors of nuts, caramel, vanilla, and sweet natural tobacco are found in every puff. This is as easygoing as medium-bodied gets at a 5-pack price that’s hard not to jump on. If you want a little bit extra out of your cigar without having palpitations in your sleeping bag after, Lot 23 Connecticut Robusto is a great way to go. 

I’ve Got an RV – Factory Smokes Sungrown Churchill 

best camping cigars Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sungrown cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

The difference between Drew Estate Factory Smokes and most other bundled cigars is that these are crafted with value in mind. They aren’t seconds or overruns, just premium smokes rolled with the penny pincher in mind. Saving money is crucial when you’re calling the road home for a few months each year. Of course, it’s not all about the savings. That Sungrown wrapper and core of Indonesian fillers are delicious with a satisfying natural sweetness.  

full best camping cigars banner

Backpacker – CAO Brazilia Minis 

best camping cigars CAO Brazilia cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Everyone knows about CAO Brazilia…they basically need no introduction. But you might not know that they come in a cigarillo option. With a spicy sweetnessand an ultra-slim ring gauge, each pack of these lil’ firecrackers comes with 20 ready-to-light mini cigars that will save you even more space with your cutter safely home. This pack can be tucked in just about anywhere and gives you a weekend of flavor to look forward to. 

Load up the Trunk – Southern Draw Kudzu Toro 

best camping cigars Southern Draw Kudzu cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

If you love a feisty cigar, Robert Holt blended this one just for you. Southern Draw’s Kudzu blend is a sleeper cigar if there ever was one. Subtle notes of cedar, spice, cocoa, oak, and pepper from its Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers will be on its menu for dessert. As a bonus, the cigars come shipped in a resealable bag that will keep them fresh for extended trips, no matter what the elements throw at you. 

I’ve Got an RV – Tatuaje Serie P Toro 

best camping cigars Tatuaje Series P cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Full disclosure – these are mixed filler cigars. Let me tell you why that doesn’t matter. Series P was blended to be an affordable Tat Havana VI clone. It uses the same Ecuador Habano wrapper. It’s still made by Jaime Garcia. But they shaved some cost off the top with a Cuban sandwich core. My bet to you, is that considering its ridiculously low price and top tier flavor, you won’t notice the difference when you’re touring the campgrounds. 



On Fire Camping Sampler

best camping cigars On Fire Camping cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Don’t worry, flavored fans. I didn’t forget about you! And instead of one recommendation, I’ve got five. Here we have the On Fire Camping Sampler (give a cookie to whoever named that). Every cigar inside it comes from the masters of infused flavors themselves…Drew Estate. There’s Isla del Sol, Tabak Especial, Natural, Acid, and Kentucky Fire Cured – all primed for your sweet tooth under the moonlight. And the best part – it’s under $22 at press time. 
If you’re headed out to the wilderness, I hope you find something here to bring along and make the best of it. Be careful out there and safe travels! 

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