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Cigar News: E.P. Carrillo & Oliva Cigars Introduce Allegiance Cigars

Cigars will be blended by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo with Oliva’s finest tobaccos

MIAMI, FLORIDA —The Perez-Carrillo family and E.P. Carrillo Cigar Co. are excited to release the fourth line in the Perez-Carrillo Series. Allegiance follows La Historia (2014 #2 Cigar of the Year), Encore (2018 #1 Cigar of the Year), and Pledge (2020 #1 Cigar of the Year). E.P. Carrillo Allegiance may be a cigar that wears the Carrillo name, but it is being produced in Nicaragua by Oliva Cigar Co.

“From the very beginning of E.P. Carrillo we understood the importance of working with like-minded tobacco producers from across the globe,” said Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. “That is why we have partnered with Oliva Cigars, a well-trusted legacy cigar company located in Nicaragua and known for great blends and consistent performance.”

Allegiance cigars will be blended by Ernesto using Oliva’s finest tobacco stocks and marks the second cigar of the E.P. Carrillo line made outside of EPC’s Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic.

The box-pressed blend consists of Nicaraguan binder and filler topped with a dark, plush Sumatra-seed wrapper. The cigars are presented in the following four sizes with 20 cigars to the box.

Sidekick – 5”x50, $12 msrp/cigar
Confidant – 6”x52, $13.10 msrp/cigar
Wingman – 67/8” x 54, $13.50 msrp/cigar
Chaperone – 6¼”x58, $14 msrp/cigar

As to the green and gold Allegiance color scheme, Ernesto said, “The green came to mind because of its association with nature and particularly tobacco leaves. We even tried to get the green as close as we could to the tone of tobacco leaves in the fields.”

cigar advisor news - ep carrillo and oliva cigars introduce allegiance cigars - release - ep carrillo cigars ashtray
Find Ernesto’s signature on one of 50 random boxes and you could be adding this ashtray to your accessory collection.

Any consumers who buy a box of these cigars and find Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s signature, you can get a free ashtray from E.P. Carrillo. There are fifty to be given away. If you do receive a signed box, please write to [email protected].

For more information visit the Allegiance launch website. CA