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Stocking Stuffers: The 12 Cigar Accessories of Christmas 2022

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The Best Cigar Tools & Accessories of Holiday 2022

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lounge,
Not a smoker was stirring, not even the scrounge,
The stockings were hung by the humidors with care,
In hopes that cigar loot soon would be there!

‘Tis the season once again! By now, most of you have already seen our 2022 Holiday Cigar Gift Guide. It runs the full gamut of cigar gifts from samplers and gift sets, to humidors, and everything in between. For our new stocking stuffer guide, we’re focusing on small cigar gifts and accessories…the kind that can fit in…well…a stocking. Lighters, travel cases, multi-tools—you get the idea.

We wanted a last-minute cigar gift guide that can help you earn a win at the company Secret Santa, or maybe just take the guess work out of what good ol’ Uncle Dale would like to see waiting under the tree.

Below, you’ll find 12 top cigar stocking stuffer gifts from every price range, sorted by category for your convenience. We hope this makes the nightmare of shopping just a little easier.

Have a safe and happy holiday from all of us here at Cigar Advisor and Famous Smoke Shop!


Best Cigar Torch Lighter Stocking Stuffer Gifts


Famous Vertigo Crown

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - famous vertigo crown lighter at famous smoke shopRep your favorite smoke shop with the Famous Vertigo Crown quad torch lighter. Featuring on-demand piezo ignition—so it lights the first time, every time—with four powerful burners, a cap that’ll double as a cigar rest, and a fold out cigar punch, the versatile Vertigo Crown lighter is the best way to light your way through the holidays.


Vector Icon III Prizm

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - vector icon 3 prizm at famous smoke shopSitting heavy in the hand as well as on a tabletop, the eye-catching Vector Icon III boasts some serious horsepower. With four wind resistant torch flames, this chunky, but not clunky, tabletop lighter’s going to stand out and add some serious oomph to your next cigar session.


Vector Table Top Lighter/Camping Stove

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - vector camping stove lighter at famous smoke shopBelay the s’mores and pass a cigar. With Vector’s The Burner VT tabletop lighter, camping while enjoying cigars is even easier. With an included cooking stand, single click ignition, and adjustable flame with a long burn time between 60-90 minutes, The Burner VT tabletop lighter conveniently does double-duty as a camping stove.


Best Cigar Cutter Stocking Stuffer Gifts


Pocket Knife Cigar Cutter w/ Money Clip

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - pocket knife cigar cutter at famous smoke shopDon’t weigh down your pockets with unnecessary stuff. The Combo Cigar Knife and Cutter with Money Clip combines 3 everyday carry essentials—a pocketknife, cigar cutter, and money clip—in one compact and handy tool. It’s the perfect time to add versatility to your everyday accessories with the Combo Cigar Knife and Cutter with Money Clip.


Xikar 360 Cutter

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - xikar 360 cutter at famous smoke shopIt might seem like black magic mischief at first, but we assure you the Xikar 360 works as advertised. As in, this revolutionary cigar cutter will clip the cap cleanly without using any squeezing or pinching. The Xikar 360 uses a rotary action that will consistently cut your cigars effortlessly and precisely. Featuring spring assisted cutting, the Xikar 360 can clip up to a 70 ring gauge and sports a finger stabilizer/carabiner hole for added convenience vaulting it to the top of must-have cigar accessory lists everywhere.


Xikar Multi-Tool Cigar Scissors

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - xikar cigar scissors at famous smoke shopMore useful to a cigar enthusiast than one of those fancy multitools—Xikar’s travel cigar scissors belong in any survival kit. Now with larger and more comfortable finger holes—and the ability to easily snip up to 54 ring smokes—and razor-sharp blades, the MTX also comes with a box opener/screwdriver, box nail remover, cigar poker/piercer, and a bottle opener. Lighten your load today and pick up the Xikar MTX Multitool Cigar Scissors.


Best Cigar Case Stocking Stuffer Gifts


Leather Travel Humidor

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - leather travel humidor at famous smoke shopLeather is where it’s at when it comes to protecting many of the things you love. Made with top-quality materials, this leather humidor-style travel case from HF Barcelona holds up to 5 cigars. A terrific buy that’s tailor made for the cigar smoker whose cigars tend to go wherever they go.


Lotus 70-ring 2 Finger Case

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - lotus cigar case at famous smoke shopCan we show you something in carbon fiber? This double shot cigar case from Lotus is top drawer for protecting your precious primos with carbon fiber strength. Better yet, you don’t see too many quality cases that hold cigars up to a whopping 70 ring. Well, this one does, and it comes at a very sensible price.


Ostrich 3 Cigar Humidor Tube

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - ostrich cigar tube at famous smoke shopThis Ostrich leather humidor tube from Orleans has become an annual bestseller for its unique appearance and capacity to protect three of your favorite cigars up to Churchill-sized lengths. A perfect companion for the golf course, cigar lounge, or weekend out-of-towner at a price you’d expect to be much higher.


Best Cigar Accessories for Stocking Stuffer Gifts


 Oasis 4R Digital Hygrometer

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - cigar oasis hygrometer at famous smoke shopBest known for their electronic humidifiers, Cigar Oasis also makes this 4R Gold digital hygrometer that tells it like it is with remarkable accuracy. Easy-to-read display; relative humidity and temperature readouts (Fahrenheit or Celsius); 3-day high/low readings; secure magnet mount, and the battery’s included. For the money, you won’t find a better unit.


Famous Humididor Kit

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - famous humidor kit at famous smoke shopJust like you need gas to run your car—OK, electricity in some cases these days—you need humidification solution for your humidifiers. The Famous Humidor kit pairs our propylene glycol humidification solution with Lotus Humidor Crystals to ensure perfect hydration in your humidor year round. And at its price, it’s also the most economical way to keep your cigars smokin’ fresh!


And the 12th Cigar Gift of Christmas…

$25 Gift Card

cigar advisor stocking stuffers 2022 12 cigar gifts of christmas - $25.00 gift card at famous smoke shopCouldn’t come up with a great stocking stuffer item? Don’t blame yourself. There’s always money. Plus, this Famous $25 eGift Card will stretch pretty far, saving your favorite cigar smoker some nice bank next time they log-on to Famous Smoke Shop.


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