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"A great cigar transports us through the glowing moments of our past into the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow," says Foundry Tobacco Company founder, Michael Giannini. "In 2012, we combined the best of our reality and dreams with the revolutionary Foundry, an artisan cigar containing tobaccos that you have never experienced."

Every Foundry cigar is skillfully handcrafted with rare and exotic proprietary tobaccos, fermented and aged up to six years, from many different countries. Fueled by imagination and artistry with their steampunk-inspired boxes and brand frontmarks that resonate with 19th century sci-fi and chemistry-related themes, Foundry cigars demand your attention.

Compounds, Elements and Musings cigars (CEM) present an unorthodox take on artisan, small batch cigars based on The Periodic Table, which shows nature's variety at its most basic and extraordinary. Each element boasts a unique molecular makeup with its own distinct properties. Inspired by this rich variety, Foundry Cigars created Compounds, Elements, and Musings as a study in contrasts and complexity. So, now you can discover a range of these distinctive (undisclosed) blends that have some of the most creative packaging and coolest-looking bands at a very affordable price.

Dubnium "The Cheshire Cat" cigars combine mystery, whimsy, and a little mischief in this box-pressed, 6" x 60 CEM selection that beckons you to explore the unexplored and discover the undiscovered. According to Michael Giannini, he likens the Cheshire Cat's "just ate the canary" smile to his own, and the Cat's grinning portrait also appears on the sleeve that protects each cigar. Suffice it to say, this fat cat reveals a curious, yet deeply satisfying blend of rare and diverse tobaccos which make for a stunning smoke that you'll commit to memory.

Vanadium cigars are presented in boxes shaped like the letter "V," a first for the cigar industry, which matches this element's symbol in the periodic table. The lid lifts up from its V-shaped design, displaying ten 6 1/8" x 54/36 perfecto cigars in each "wing." Even the Salamone-like shape of these cigars is extraordinary. So, if you love smoking figurados and have an eye for innovative design, this one's for YOU.

Argon cigars are beautifully handcrafted 5½" x 50 robustos offering plenty of flavor, texture, excellent balance, and an impressive progression toward complexity. Although the recipe is undisclosed, like all CEM cigars, it is believed that the cigars are made with a blend consisting of rare Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos. Whatever they used is irrelevant, since you're in for a smoke of downright stellar proportions.

Gold cigars, or at least cigars named "Gold" abound in the cigar business. However, this 5½" x 55 Robusto with its semi-pressed, golden brown wrapper and secret filler blend, is an element of an entirely different nature. The packaging features a rustic wooden box with the image of a Gold Rush miner on the lid. Expect a full-flavored smoke that requires a small investment on your part to fully enjoy, and "no stinking badges."

Xenon cigars are deftly rolled to a handsome 6¼" x 54 Torpedo shape box-pressed in a buttery-smooth brick-hued wrapper. Plus, if cigar bands with distinctive artwork do it for you, the steampunk-inspired bands on the Xenon feature a 19th century style sketch of an alien spaceship. You may even find the flavor a bit alien, or perhaps a better way to put it would be, the construction, balance, and depth of flavor are out of this world.

Chillin' Moose cigars beg the questions: Why a moose? And why is he chillin'? It's because he knows that you don't need an expensive cigar to enjoy a marvelous smoke. A blend of select Nicaraguan, Dominican, Connecticut broadleaf and Mexican San Andres long-fillers dovetail, or should we say moose-tail, with a Sumatra binder and a Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper. The smoke is so smooth and flavorful it belies its extra low price point, giving you the most cigar bang for your buck.

Choose the Foundry cigar that's right for you and add them to your cart. If you think you've smoked it all, think again!

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