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2018 CA Report: Top Father’s Day Cigar Gifts

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The Advisors’ 2018 Guide to Father’s Day Cigar Gifts

By the Cigar Advisor Editors

Stumped on a Father’s Day gift? No problem. When it comes to treating Dad to some love, cigar style, the Advisors have you covered with personally hand-picked Father’s Day cigar gifts that are guaranteed to please – and won’t dent your wallet. For this year’s guide, we let our budgetary concerns fall by the wayside in favor of finding a gift of cigars or accessories that is better suited to your Dad’s level of experience:

  • The “once in a while” Dad – he might smoke a cigar when he golfs, or have one every few weeks for an occasion or event;
  •  The “weekly reward” Dad, who hits his cigar stash on Friday night after a long week at work, or during a round of golf;
  • The “cigars are my life” Dad is a longtime brother of the leaf, and the guy who passed that love of cigars on to you.

Put them all together, and that’s left us with a wish list – curated for you, by each of us Cigar Advisors. If you need ideas on cigar gifts, THIS is the place to start.


2018 father's day cigar gifts guide gary

The “I enjoy a good cigar once in a while” Dad

So your Dad appreciates a fine primo, but only on an occasional basis. In other words, you won’t find him clipping that 20 Cigars for $19.95 and a Free Humidor ad out of the airline magazine. That’s why I’m recommending two 5-packs as cigar gifts, both of which include a perennial classic.

La Gloria Wavell (Natural) 5-Pack

2018 father's day cigars guide la gloria cubana wavell cigars 5-pack

The La Gloria Cubana Wavell was the seminal cigar of the 1990s Cigar Boom and never looked back. Rolled in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, this relaxing robusto brims with creamy, medium-bodied smoke while issuing a well-balanced mix of cedar and spice notes.

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina Maduro

2018 father's day cigars gift guide arturo fuente 858 maduro cigars 5 pack

Dressed in a toothy Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, the Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina Maduro is an across-the-board favorite with cigar smokers of every stripe. It’s a tad more mellow than the Wavell, offering a naturally sweet, cedary smoke with a velvety texture and unparalleled balance.

Whether you get Dad both cigars, or choose only one of the two, these blends will more than satisfy his “occasional cigar” palate. Suffice it to say: You might as well give him some Father’s Day cigars that he’ll really look forward to when the mood hits him.

The “It’s my weekly reward cigar” Dad

Special Top Shelf No.1 Sampler

2018 Father's Day cigar gifts guide top shelf cigar sampler

So, your Dad enjoys smoking premium cigars on a pretty regular basis, but the cigar catalogs aren’t exactly piling-up in the bathroom magazine rack. And because he looks forward to his weekly cigar ritual, odds are Dad also likes to mix it up a bit. That’s why this “Special Top Shelf No.1” sampler is a smart choice. It has a variety that will both satisfy his taste for good cigars, and pique his interest for what else is out there.

All of the smokes are first-rate: Fuente, Padrón, Montecristo, La Gloria, and Flor De Las Antillas, all in a nice mix of sizes; each cigar brimming with its own unique tobacco blend and flavor profile. Additionally, the Padrón Damaso makes the sampler even more unique, because it’s the first and only Padrón cigar rolled in a Nicaraguan shade-grown wrapper.

Finally, the price is nice, too, which makes it a win-win. Dad gets some top-shelf smokes, you save a little coin, and on Father’s Day you guys get to mark another milestone together.

The “Cigars are my life” Dad

Top Rated Full Series Pairing

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide full bodied cigars pairing sampler

Is your Dad so gonzo for premium hand rolled cigars that he’s been talking to realtors in Nicaragua? Whatever, this full-bodied Father’s Day selection will blow his mind, because it comes with two of the most respected names in premium cigars excellence – Padrón and Oliva. The pack includes 5 Padrón 4000 and 5 Oliva Serie V Melanio Double Toro, which means Dad gonna be lookin’ at hours of buku Nicaraguan flavor.

The Oliva Serie V Melanio offers an all-Nicaraguan core pressed inside a glistening Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The smoke is creamy, perfectly balanced, and multidimensional, while the Padrón 4000 is a Nicaraguan puro that oozes with Padrón’s signature earthy, cocoa and coffee bean character. And because the cigars are box-pressed, their heftier sizes actually feel more comfortable between the teeth.

If your Dad’s that big of a cigar fanatic, no doubt he’s quite familiar with both of these stellar brands. So, when you see his face light-up after he’s unwrapped his gift, that alone says you made the right choice. After all, when Dad has that kind of appreciation for fine cigars, there’s no better way to show how much you appreciate him.



2018 father's day cigar gifts guide john pullo

The “Once in a While” Dad

Romeo y Julieta Cut & Light Cigar Sampler

2018 Father's Day cigar gifts guide romeo y julieta cigars cut and light sampler

Your father’s Dad joke skills are better than his cigar game? Not every Dad was born with the BOTL gene; some of us developed it naturally. It is still good fortune, though, that your old man is a late bloomer – because life is good when you two can share a smoke…even if he doesn’t know a Montecristo from his Monte Carlo.

That’s why I’m going with this Romeo Cut & Light Combo for the first of my Father’s Day cigar gifts: it’s a name he knows. It will help him learn to taste the differences between Connecticut and Maduro. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your Dad to toss that cheapy plastic guillotine and spiff him a proper cutter. Win-win-win.

Dad can even toss them in the plastic baggie he insists on using to store his cigars (please, spare the man a Boveda pack, will ya?) and whenever it’s reward time, he’s ready to, well, cut and light.

Better yet: add in our humijar to liberate Dad from his plastic bag habit and keep his stash in proper order, for when that next “once in a while” moment happens.

The “Weekly Reward Cigar” Dad

Montecristo Toro 12 Cigar Sampler

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide montecristo cigar sampler gift set

Time to make up for those “don’t make me come back there” and “I’ll stop this car right now, I swear” moments. Thankfully, cigars get better with age; so does your Dad. So let’s choose a Father’s Day gift that’s a little more…refined.

Let’s say your Dad enjoys a handmade premium on the weekends, say after Sunday dinner or back at the clubhouse after a round of 18. He knows his way around the humidor, and has his basics covered; here, you just need to add some blue chip smokes to his one-a-week rotation. This Montecristo 12 Toro sampler will be plenty enough for him to reap pleasurable rewards for a full three months: the classic, lip-smackingly good Epic, the sweet and aromatic White Vintage and the exceptionally flavorful Montecristo Platinum (personal favorite, full disclosure) are all in there. And since there’s two of each, it dramatically increases the likelihood that he’ll share in this tasty Montecristo Toro haul; aren’t you glad you inherited your father’s appreciation for good cigars, too?

The “Cigars are my life” Dad

You Choose: Fuente Opus X/Diamond Crown or Partagas Black Label Sampler w/ Rocks Glass

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide fuente opus x cigars

When pondering cigar gifts for Father’s Day, you may be tempted to go directly to the top shelf, and not look back. That’s fine: the man is half responsible for your good looks and the majority of your life skills, so it is incumbent upon you to show your Dad that you’ve been listening to his wisdom all these years…so bring him a class-act something-special for his day. You go Opus X & Diamond Crown, and he gets the benefit of knowing just how charitable you are – Father’s Day cigar gifts included.


2018 father's day cigar gifts guide partagas black label cigars rocks glass

But if he’s an old cigar pro, chances are he already has a humi full of his favorites – so you pick up this Partagas Black Label rocks set, and save the rest of your money for a pricey bottle of tipple. Partagas Black is a respectable, classic smoke that’s thick with savory flavors; put it all together, and it’s time to throw one back with your old man and bond over a smoke. And that’s getting to the heart of the reason why we celebrate Father’s Day in the first place.


2018 father's day cigar gifts guide fred

The “Once in a while” Dad

Famous Deluxe Sampler

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide deluxe cigar sampler with humidor

So Dad’s an occasional smoker – he’ll partake in a cigar a few times a year at holidays and family gatherings – he’s no aficionado but he knows what he likes. Let’s get Dad something he’ll use and know he’ll fall in love with. Queue the Famous Deluxe Sampler: complete with a humidor and cutter, this Father’s Day cigar set comes with 10 fine premium cigars like Baccarat, Cunning by Joya de Nicaragua, and Oliva Connecticut Reserve. Whether he’s tried them or not, he’ll get a great chance to explore some new cigar options and have something nice to keep those cigars in (Tupperdors are tacky). All at an affordable price, this gift is a win-win.

The “Weekly reward cigar” Dad

Top-Rated Padrón Maduro Pairing

2018 Father's Day cigar gifts guide top rated maduro pairing

For the Dad who likes to treat himself once or twice a week. Your pops isn’t a cigar-nerd but he knows what he likes and he has more experience than your typical smoker. He deserves this super rich Padron and My Father sampler. While My Father Flor de las Antillas is a straight home run every time and former No. 1 cigar of the year, the Padron 3000 is always a surefire hit and a go-to smoke for guys who like rich, chocolatey and full-bodied cigars. For less than $50, this sampler is a steal and sure to please.

The “Cigars are my life” Dad

Xikar “The Links” Gift Set

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide xikar links golf gift set

When golf and cigars are life, you’ve gotta get Dad the Links Gift Set from Xikar. This golf-themed gift set comes with a gorgeous ceramic Hole-in-One ashtray and a par for the green Xi cutter and Forte Iron lighter- all guaranteed for life. When Dad is serious about his golf game and the cigars he takes along, this is the perfect gift. Pair this with a trip to the local golf club and Dad will be bragging about these Father’s Day cigar gifts for years to come.


2018 father's day cigar gifts guide tommy zman

The “Once in a while” Dad

Craftsman’s Bench La Salle Humidor

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide craftsmans bench humidor

You know that guy . . . he enjoys a premium cigar during poker, golf, at the beach or while chowing down at a summer barbecue. He’s always got 10 to 20 sticks laying around, but he doesn’t have a proper place to keep them, so, they dry out and end up smoking like the proverbial turd rocket. And, you can only keep them in a Ziploc® for so long until they end up smooshed and cracked. It’s time for this Dad to step up his game, so how about buying the dude a nice little humidor like the Craftsman’s Bench La Salle. It’s classy, attractive, and it won’t break the bank, holding up to 25 cigars, while keeping them fresh for whenever the urge to partake calls. You know he won’t get one for himself, so why not be the hero this Father’s Day.


The “Weekly reward cigar” Dad

Lotus Orion Orange Polish Lighter

2018 father's day cigar gifts guide lotus torch lighter

This Dad is pretty much a regular cigar smoker, who has his favorite brands and loves to relax out back with his weekend cocktail and a good premium hand rolled smoke. When his buddies come over to join in for an enjoyable night of cigars and a whole lot of throwing the bull, he scrambles for a lighter, grabbing a cheapo Bic® or God forbid, the torch he uses for firing up the barbeque. Come on, don’t let him be that guy. Make him the envy of his herfing troglodytes and get the man a really nice cigar lighter he’ll be proud to show off. The Lotus Orion Polish Lighter is classy with an ultra-cool retro look, and he’ll think you spent way more than you actually did. It’s precision engineered with a handy and unique push button starter, and comes in your choice of 5 attractive color schemes.


The “Cigars are my life” Dad

Padrón Maduro 8 Cigar Sampler

2018 Father's Day cigar gifts guide padron cigar sampler

Then there’s that Dad who proudly professes that cigar smoking is a very important part of his lifestyle. This brother of the leaf reads Cigar Advisor magazine online and is up on the latest and greatest blends from AJ, Pepin, Perdomo, Drew, and Oliva. He’s got several nifty cutters and lighters that let the world know he takes his relaxation seriously. So, the question is, what the hell do you get this man for a Father’s Day cigar? Simple, you get him some top-flight premiums that you just know he is going to enjoy the absolute living hell out of. The Padron Maduro 8 Cigar Sampler is like opening a treasure chest of gold as his eyes light up like a ten year old boy on Christmas morning. He’ll salivate like Pavlov’s pooches at those ‘64’s and 26’s along with the other premium aged goodness. If you want to make that aficionado a happy pappy, THIS is the way to go.


No matter what you choose, we’re sure your Dad will appreciate his Father’s Day cigar gifts – now go fire up a smoke with the old man and celebrate the occasion. Happy Father’s Day!

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