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2020 CA Report: The Advisors’ 2020 Father’s Day Cigar Gift Guide

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The World’s Most Practical, Reasonably Priced Father’s Day Cigar Gift Guide

For as much crap as dads put up with, they ought to get more than one day a year to their honor.  

But they don’t.  

vintage father smoking a cigar at the piano

Maybe Dad passed you his musical talent, or he’s who gave you your good looks. But if your father passed down his love of cigars to you – your debt runs deep.  

So how do you make the most of that one single, solitary day, and say thanks” to the most practical, reasonable guy you know? 

With something from The World’s Most Practical, Reasonably Priced Father’s Day Cigar Gift Guide. 

This year, we’re doing it a little differently from our Father’s Day Guides of the past – more of which can be seen here, here and here. 

So in this guide, there’s no price limit – but rather than be spendy for spendy’s sake and load up on luxury, we’re honoring Pops with more practical and reasonable cigar smoking deals – because that’s what he taught us to do.  

2019 Holiday Cigar Gift Buying Guide Christmas presents for cigar smokers Famous Smoke Shop Gift Certificate at Famous Smoke Shop
The most practical gift of all? A Famous Smoke Shop gift card. Click and pick your own price – even just a few bucks would be the icing on top of a great gift.

Great deals are only half the story, howeverso we’ve put our heads together to get you the goods: gifts for dads with what we like to call, “commendable taste. Yet almost every one of these cigar gift sets will make his face light up for less than a c-note – and yes, you’d be forgiven for eyeballing two or three of these for yourself. 

Again: practical, and reasonably priced. We think that’s this year’s hassle-free formula to finding the best Father’s Day gift any cigar-smoking dad can get this year, and this guide still gives you time to get it done before June 21 rolls around. Happy hunting – and Happy Father’s Day! 

[Ed. Note: Prices are current as of date of publication, June 5 2020. Supply and prices may vary.] 

Padrón Sampler No. 88 

2020 Father's Day cigar gifts Padron No.88 Sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Just mentioning “Padrón” is enough to get some smokers salivating. That’s because they’ve got a creamy, yet bold Nicaraguan profile that serves consistent notes of coffee and cocoa. If your dad deserves the best, he deserves Padrón. Did we mention there’s a 1964 Exclusivo in there? (Choose Natural or Maduro).


Romeo Montague Gift Set w/Travel Humidor 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Romeo y Julieta Montague 5 cigar sampler + travel humidor at Famous Smoke Shop

Here’s your chance to turn Dad on to one of the bestselling Romeos in the house. This gift set features five, medium-bodied Romeo y Julieta House of Montague Toros rolled in dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrappers, plus a rugged, 5-cigar travel humidor.  


Macanudo Collection + Lighter 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Macanudo Collection with lighter at Famous Smoke Shop

When you’re gifting cigars, it’s hard to go without name-checking a classic: Macanudo. An easy-smoking trio of Café, Maduro, and Cru Royale, this is an especially safe buy if your dad only enjoys the occasional cigar – plus, two of each blend means you can enjoy them together on Sunday(Includes torch lighter.)


Montecristo + Yeti 12-Cigar Gift Set  

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Montecristo + Yeti 12 cigar gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

Why not give your Pops the gift of your company this year? The Montecristo + Yeti gift set comes with 12 outstanding cigars from Montecristo and 2 Yeti tumblers that will keep his drinks cold well into the summer afternoon (and warm in the winter!). Share a drink and a smoke with him. He’ll appreciate it a lot more than that grilling apron you’re eyeing up. 


Craftsman’s Bench Sonoma Humidor with Cigar Scissors & Wine Tool 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Craftsman's Bench Sonoma Humidor gift set wine tool at Famous Smoke Shop

Help Dad grow his cigar collection like a pro with this handsome Craftsman’s Bench humidor. The trusty, 65 cigar capacity box comes fully accessorized and includes a pair of cigar scissors, plus a handy wine tool.  


Best of EP Carrillo Legacy Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Best of EP Carrillo Legacy hits cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo has been to the mountaintop: he made award winning cigars, and after leaving the business for a while, came back and did it again from scratch. Share the taste of EPC’s dedication to his craft in 5 great and greater cigars, from the culture-shattering Inch to one of his Top 25 cigars, La Historia. 


 Ashton 5 Cigar Assortment 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Ashton 5 cigar assortment sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

This Ashton sampler has been a staple in their lineup for years…but there’s no reason to fix what ain’t broke. Starts easy with the creamy Classic, then leans on the gas as Ashton winds through all 5 gears up to the VSG’s strength and complexity. A big flavor upgrade like this – especially for short money – makes it a valuable addition to Dad’s humidor. 


Rocky Patel Vintage Robusto Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Rocky Patel Vintage Robusto cigar sampler at famous Smoke Shop

To call your old man a classic is cliché; “relic” would just be flat-out unkind. Vintage has nice ring to it, however, and Rocky’s got 3 great ones: a 1990 Broadleaf Maduro, 1999’s Connecticut, and 2003 CameroonIf your dad iused to kicking back with a bundle burn on any given day, trust us – he’ll welcome some cigars that look and smoke this good. 


Drew Estate Traditional 6 Tubo Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Drew Estate Traditional 6 tubo cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Everyone knows you’ll get great, thick smoke from Drew Estate cigar; what Dad may not know is that these meaty, rich-burning blends come with a generous helping of that Willy Herrera/Jon Drew Dizzle sizzle. Both the Undercrowns and the HerrerEstelí play to a wide array of taste buds – pairing and playing well with everything on your dad’s bar cart. 


La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 7 7 Pack w/ Humidor 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 7 humidor gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

If you have your father to thank for your superstitious nature, pay him back with this lucky 7 of the famously dark & spicy La Gloria Serie R #7sThe included Spanish cedar lined travel humidor makes this friendly for cigar lovers on the go, and sure to taste as good in six months as it will right now. 


Oliva Serie V Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Oliva Serie V Sampler at Famous Smoke Shop 

Arguably, the best Oliva blend ever made. Just look at the quantum level sales and the numerous 90+ tasting scores. The Oliva V is a must-smoke for every avid cigar lover. Treat Dad to one of the world’s most celebrated, full-flavored gems presented in five luxurious shapes.  


Vertigo Zeus Table Torch Lighter + Big Boy Cutter Gift Set

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Vertigo Zeus Table Torch and Big Boy cigar cutter gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

Strikingly well-made and ridiculously cheap essentials. Of course, if he’s a cigar guy, odds are high that your dad is full-up on tools – but it wouldn’t hurt for him to have a new-in-the-gift box replacement waiting in the wings. Besides, it’s nice to have a spare that’s a different color or size (this Big Boy cuts 64s; many high-end cutters don’t) – and that table torch probably offers more flame than what he’s using.


Fuente Family Variety Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Fuente Family Variety cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

With blends like Don Carlos, Hemingway, and Chateau Sun Grown, the Fuente Family Variety Sampler has 10 cigars from one of Dad’s favorite brands. I mean c’mon, Arturo Fuente’s on everyone’s fave list! Give him a first-rate smoking experience without having to lay down first-rate cash. 


Xikar Tactical Ashtray & Pen 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Xikar Tactical ashtray gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

HOO-RAH! It’s the perfect gift for the cigar smoking military veteran. The large, olive green ashtray can handle up to six cigars indoors or out, while the tactical pen writes smoothly, includes a built-in lighter bleeder tool, and has a few other tricks up its sleeve.  


House of Capulet vs. Verona 10 Cigar Gift Box

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Romeo y Julieta House of Romeo Capulet Verona Cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

A head-to-head Toro matchup from Romeo. If your dad’s taste in cigars runs the gamut between mellow morning starters and relaxing, flavorful nightcapsthis 10-cigar RyJ combo is the perfect go-between: the smooth n’ creamy burn of the new classic Capulet meets Verona’s sultry spice. Let’s just say dad’s got delicious options with this gift. 


La Flor Dominicana Los Lanceros Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts La Flor Dominicana Los Lanceros cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

La Flor Dominicana cigars are one of those quintessential, yet understated brands that trigger envy in other cigar smokers. Why? Because they know just how good they taste. Make Dad the top dog with this gift collection that stars five of LFD’s best blends, with an epicurean twist: they’re all lancero sizes. 


Alec Bradley Tubo Sampler

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Alec Bradley Tubo sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Here’s how you help Dad “keep it classy.” This sampler has five of Alec Bradley’s most popular blends – all clad in eye-catching tubos – from Prensado to Black Market and everything in between. Plus, there’s a branded triple torch lighter that’ll get him toasting his new cigars with ease.  


ACID Collector Tin  

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts ACID Cigars Collector tin sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

If what’s inside Dad’s humidor standout from the crowdhe’ll get plenty of enjoyment from what’s inside this ACID tin: 14 of their most popular cigarsteeming with the essences and aromas of 140+ botanicals. These are considerably sweeter and more aromatic (think floral) than other non-traditional cigar expressions — they’re infused, not flavored — and for the money, it’s one of the best ACID assortments out there. 


Sao Paolo Humidor 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Sao Paolo Humidor at Famous Smoke Shop

A great humidor for the cigar smoker with a modest collection. The Sao Paolo is solid maple below its mahogany finish, and the round inlay on the lid adds some subtle elegance. Plus, everything you need to keep up to 50 cigars safe and fresh comes with it! (Add two Boveda Seasoning packs, to get it cooking.) 


Henry Clay War Hawk 6 Toro & Huntsman Pocket Knife Gift Set 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Henry Clay War Hawk Cigar and Knife Set at Famous Smoke Shop

Henry Clay’s War Hawk series unveils the spicier side of Connecticut: full-flavored cigars laden with sweet and spicy notes from a Honduran tobacco core. This gift set also comes with a handsome pocketknife that’s perfect for any project that Dad’s bound to mess up. 


Xikar Bullseye Gift Set  

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Xikar Bullseye gift set at famous Smoke Shop
If your father is a hunter and a smoker, look no further than the Xikar Bullseye set. Presented in a woodland camo pattern, this travel case, lighter, and cutter trio from Xikar will keep him hidden…even during the hunt. These quality accessories are built tough and guaranteed for life. 


Nub 4 Cigar Sampler & Punch Cutter 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Nub 4 cigar sampler and punch cutter set at Famous Smoke Shop

It’s the cigar that started a revolution. Rolled to wide ring gauges and cut to short lengths, Nub cigars start at “the sweet spot” where the flavors collide, pampering the palate from the first puff. This set includes four different wrappers and a Nub cigar punch.    


Colibri S Cut Serrated Blade Cutter 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Colibri S-cut serrated blade cigar cutter at Famous Smoke Shop

There’s sharp, and then there’s crazy sharp.  That’s what makes this Colibri S Cut cigar cutter a cut above the rest. The difference is the hard, serrated blades that scalp cigar caps so clean and fast, even a skilled surgeon would be impressed. They last longer, too.  


Crowned Heads La Cosa Nica Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Crowned Heads La Cosa Nica cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop
Father’s Day is the one time Dad gets to be king, and the Crowned Heads La Cosa Nica Sampler will give him the royal treatment. It’s got two sizes of the Jericho Hill, La Imperiosa, and Las Mareas sizes included – six full-bodied treats that are worthy of his humidor. 


3-Cigar Crocodile Humidor Tube w/ Hygrometer 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts crocodile 3 cigar humidor tube at Famous Smoke Shop

There are carrying cases, and then there’s this croc-skinned (faux, of course) portable humidor. Dad can carry three cigars – or one really large one – when he’s out and about. Conveniently fits in the cupholder of your car or boat and features a handy hygrometer to help you keep tabs on your stash – all for under $20! 


Asylum Lockjaw 7 Sampler 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Asylum Premium Lockjaw 7 cigar sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Can we show you something in a ginormous? We’re talkin’ 70 and 80 ring cigars from Asylum, who’ve made these barbell-sized cigars mainstream. Skillfully handcrafted in Nicaragua, all seven cigars including “The OGRE” – their famous barber pole selection – offer a delectably rich, layered smoke for hour after hour of pleasure.  


JetLine Bolero Red Triple Flame 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts JetLine Bolero triple flame cigar lighter at famous Smoke Shop

The JetLine Bolero Triple Flame is one hot-lookin’ lighter with an in-line triple torch payload and a solid feel.  Great for cigars with larger ring gauges, the Bolero’s other features include a built-in punch cutter, a fuel gauge window, and a protective, flip-top lid.  


Leatherette Travel Case  with Cutter & Lighter

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Leatherette travel case with cutter and lighter at Famous Smoke Shop

This sturdy cigar case is for the traveling Papas. It holds five cigars, a cutter and lighter (both of which come included), and it does it in style. The leatherette material protects Dad’s stash from the harshest of elements with a touch of sophistication that will turn heads. 


Tabak Especial Toro Gift Set 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Tabak Especial Toro gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

You may not know this, but Drew Estate has been infusing cigars for 20 years; and in addition to ACID, helped some friends – like Rocky Patel, with Java – find some big bean flavor along the way. If Dad takes his coffee dark and sweet, he’ll love the 5 rich n creamy Maduros; he’ll love the cutter and lighter even more, if one of his herf buddies already “borrowed” his. 


Vector Jetz Lighter w/ Bottle Opener 

2020 Best Father's Day Cigar Gifts Vector Jetz cigar lighter bottle opener at Famous Smoke shop

What’s better than a cigar and a brew? An accessory that will take care of both! The economically priced Vector Jetz has a single torch flame for precision lights and comes with a flip-out bottle opener. It’s a perfect companion to Dads afternoon plopped down out by the cooler, and it’s as rugged as they come. 


From the Cigar Advisors to all the dads out there, have an incredible Father’s Day! 

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