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Best Cigar Gifts For Dad On Father’s Day

Top Cigar Smoker Gifts This Father’s Day

When it comes to great gifts for a herf-loving Dad, few things are welcomed more than a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ cigar. Let’s be honest. He taught you how to ride your bike, how to cast a fishing line, and shared a lifetime of his wisdom to ensure that your upbringing was far better than his. And if he passed down his love of premium tobacco in your coming of age, that debt runs especially deep. It’s time to return the favor.

Choices. Choices everywhere. Do you get Dad the obligatory tie? Another set of socket wrenches he already has? The eleventeenth Swiss Army knife he’ll probably just lose again?

You can do better than that. We’re here to make it easy.

Best Father's day gift guide - Dad Shaving
Why didn’t we think of that?

Give him the gift of relaxation. Of peace and quiet. The gift of shared time with you, a few brews, and some fantastic stogies. In this Father’s Day cigar guide, we’re sharing our favorite cigar samplers and collections, humidors, cigar accessories, and more to make finding the perfect smoky gifts for dad a breeze. There are nearly 30 selections in all to choose from, hand-picked by all of us here at Cigar Advisor.

(You can trust us. Most of the Advisors are dads. We know what we want!)

That means whether your Pops is a well-seasoned aficionado, or a newbie to smoking cigars altogether, there’s a perfect fit for him (and your budget) in this guide—guaranteed. You might even find a few Father’s Day cigar discounts below, too. He won’t mind. Wasn’t he the one who taught you how to get a sweet deal on a riding mower?

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Cigar Advisor and Famous Smoke Shop.

New Father’s Day Cigar Gifts for 2024:

Perdomo Connoisseur Collection

Chock full of Perdomo’s most beloved blends, like Champagne, Lot 23, 20th Anniversary and more, the Connoisseur Collection will be on any Perdomo-loving dad’s bucket list. As a bonus, it comes in an eye-catching presentation box that’s easily wrapped!

Davidoff Gift Selection

You could bring Dad a dozen donuts. Or you could bring him a Dozen Davidoffs instead, locking down your ‘favorite child’ status in the process. Featuring their most popular blends such as, Gran Cru, Millenium, and Signature, this high-roller assortment is the ultimate gift for any pappy who could use the lap of luxury.

Oro Fingerprint Lock Humidor

It’s not just a humidor…it’s a vault! Who says you need to compromise style for security? The Oro Fingerprint Lock humidor uses state-of-the-art tech to keep Dad’s cigar collection safe from the elements, intruders, and the grubby hands of mooching buddies trying to pull off the perfect heist. He protects all of his other valuables, now he can do the same for his prized stash!

Aria Angular Humidor

Sure to be the jaw-dropping centerpiece of any smoking room, the Aria is as much a work of art as it is storage space. The humidor has the look of an emerald-cut onyx stone and comes in your choice of solid or a glass top. The hardest decision to make here is…which one?

Vertigo Gator Lighter

The Vertigo Gator lighter has the perfect balance of style and simplicity. Contoured grips and a pop-out punch cutter turn this into a cigar-lover’s multitool that could even make MacGyver blush. Plus, it comes in your choice of several finishes—including this popular livery of Old Glory!

Visol LighCut Triple Torch & Cutter Combo

Speaking of multitools, the Visol LighCut has an entire guillotine cutter built into its side. If that’s not enough, how about a triple torch? Dad won’t need another cigar accessory for the foreseeable future if this ends up in his hands come Father’s Day. And at this price, it’s easy on the wallet, too!

Lotus Deception Cutter

Scalpel-sharp with a surgical stainless steel serrated blade, the Lotus Deception cutter does two things flawlessly: cut cigars and impress friends. Its sleek lines will be the talk of the lounge, especially with its brushed finish. It’s like a DeLorean, only much, much more reliable. Comes in your choice of a chrome finish (shown) or black and chrome.

Cigar Samplers & Gifts:

Famous House of Romeo Sampler

The most famous family feud in all of classic literature, brought to life in this 6-cigar sampler. Montague is fiery, Capulet is smooth and forgiving; the rest of the cast adds plenty of depth. Plus, sample new additions of the bolder House of Capulet Nicaragua and House of Romeo Nicaragua blends!

Plasencia 5-Cigar Sampler

Probably our most top shelf entry, but Dad is worth it. (FYI he already knows this and agrees with this assessment.) And if he knows cigars as well as you do, well…let’s just say since you’re both in on it, then you’ll understand his enthusiastically approving nod in return.

Excalibur No. 1 Pouch

Excalibur is so synonymous with the term golf cigar that this Hoyo has both a green jacket and a reserved spot in the PGA Hall of Fame. If you’re playing a round with your old man this Father’s Day, do 3 things: pick up the beer cart tab, pay for his greens fees, and bring these cigars as your gift.

Oliva Serie V Sampler

A perennial top performer, ratings earner, and general all-around big deal. Serie V is a great special occasion cigar. So if you give him these cigars as a gift, you best be prepared to hear Dad tell you about at least a couple nights of really good smoking.

Diamond Crown Royal Sampler

Another of the super tippity-top shelf cigar gift samplers we’ve selected…a cigar is often viewed as a means of celebration, so a gift of Diamond Crown does show your true feelings of admiration – without having to admit them publicly or say them out loud (don’t make it awkward, not all of us are good at that).

CAO Champions Collection

It’s hard to argue with greatness – ten CAO cigars, presented in a travel case, each proudly boasting their 90-and-higher scores from “that” magazine. Everybody loves a winner, so why not give ’em as a gift?

Best of Fuente Assortment

Fuente is one of the first names in premium cigars – although it’s really their last name, but you get the point. Gift this six Arturo Fuente cigar collection, complete with Don Carlos, Chateaus and 858s…they’re the highlights among their bestselling blends.

Cigar Humidor Boxes & Travel Cases:

Firebird Travel Humidor

Cigars make an excellent companion for fishing or camping, so long as they get there in one piece. Enter these Firebird travel humis, which are as reliable as they are good looking (kind of like you).

Amalfi Antique Humidor

We have, on more than a few occasions, gifted this humidor to our friends. If you were our friend, we’d gift it to you, too. Mostly because it’s one of the better-appointed humidors out there, and isn’t short on design details. Holds 50-75 sticks.

Xikar Travel Humidor

To be fair, it seems important to tell you that some of us actually use this travel case – some of us, almost every time we hit the road. Sturdy for sure, does its job, and yes, we’d be happy to get it again as a gift.

Craftsmans’ Bench Saxon Gift Set

Craftsmans’ Bench humidors can get pretty pricey, so the fact that you can get somebody into this kind of quality humidor at this price point is impressive. That it comes with wine tools, too? Add a bottle of your pops’ favorite vino and you’re gift-ready.

Cigar Torch Lighters:

Famous Eloquence Lighter by Vertigo

Make your dad’s cigar buddies green with envy this Father’s Day with the Famous Vertigo Eloquence lighter. It stylishly features a flip-out cigar punch, large flame adjustment wheel, and enough lighting power to ignite your pop’s biggest smokes. And since it’s branded with the Famous logo, he’ll always know where to get cigars at the best prices!

Lotus Mariner Lighter

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? You think it’d be rrrr – but it tis the c. And for the dad who lives the #SaltLife we present the Lotus Mariner. This woodgrain version evokes the teak decking of a vintage runabout; onboard are dual flame jets and two cigar punches that fold out like rudders. LOL, we’ve got dad jokes for days…

Vector Icon II Lighter

If your cigar-loving dad is the tech-y type, stop here. Place a finger on the Vector Icon II’s touch-sensitive screen, and three jets of flame come alive to toast your smoke. Rechargeable (via USB) battery is what gives it spark. Lots of firepower, but a safety feature prevents him from lighting his pocket on fire.

Vector Jetz Lighter & Bottle Opener Multitool

What’s better than a cigar and a brew? An accessory that will take care of both. The Vector Jetz has a single torch flame for precision lights and comes with a flip-out bottle opener. It’s a perfect companion to Dad’s afternoon, when you’re all eventually plopped down by the firepit.

Zeus Table Top Torch & Big Boy Cutter Combo

Well-made yet silly-cheap essential gear from Vertigo. Even if Pops is full-up on cigar tools, it wouldn’t hurt for him to have a new-in-the-gift box replacement waiting in the wings. Besides, it’s nice to have a spare that’s a different color or size (this Big Boy cuts 64s; many high-end cutters don’t) – and that table torch probably offers more flame than what he’s using.

Cigar Cutters & Accessories:

Firebird Punch Cutter

With a sleek, convenient design that goes anywhere your car keys can, this Firebird has two features two cigar punch cutters in one. Simply take the protective cap off and find a large punch head—or remove the large punch itself to reveal a narrower cigar punch perfect for smaller ring gauges. Available in a variety of colors!

Big Kahuna 80-Ring Cutter

Anything called the Big Kahuna is dad material. This also happens to be a cigar cutter that accommodates up to 80RG cigars, and is serrated for more cutting power.

Famous Meteor Cutter by Lotus

TikTok has told the world that “Dad-cool” is cargo shorts and New Balance sneakers – so how do we accessorize that? Skip the grill tools and go for this killer cutter: the Lotus Meteor not only carries the Famous Smoke name, but has a backstop so it’s pretty much impossible to screw up cutting your smoke. Fanny pack not included.

The Perfect Cigar Clip

Another tool in our arsenal that we can recommend without hesitation...because yes–we really do use this pretty regularly. Clips to just about anything, stays put, doesn’t damage your cigar – which was all we wanted. Dad will want this, too.

Cigar Ashtrays:

Palio Tazza Ashtray

It’s hard to get excited for an ashtray. After all, it’s just a trash can for smoked cigars. But when it’s a piece of art—like this Palio Tazza shown in a copper finish—it transcends a waste basket and becomes the talking piece of a smoker’s home lounge. Available in several additional colors!

Famous Barrel Ashtray

We liked this ashtray a lot, mostly because of the lid – keeps the mess down if and when things get windy. Looks pretty good with our name on it, too. Wish there was more of a backstory,but trust us – it’s useful. And isn’t that what makes a great gift?